Get 0 points from 3 middle schools, 6 points from 4 middle schools, and 11 points from 4 middle schools. Liao Basket Abandon will finally argue.

On October 15th, Beijing time, the CBA regular season was in full swing, and the Jiangsu men’s basketball team, the master of fish sauce, got an upset. In the third round of contest, it beat Guangsha men’s basketball team 86-80 and won the second victory of the season. In this campaign, Liu Zhixuan, the Liao basket abandonment general in Jiangsu men’s basketball team, finally fought for his breath. Liu Zhixuan, a Liaoning deserter with a reputation of being a panacea, has finally proved himself, from 0 in the first show, 6 in 2 in the second world war, and 11 in 3 in 4 now.

Liu Zhixuan was the tiger balm that was abandoned by Liaoning men’s basketball team in the summer. Born in 1991, he was going to the end of his career, but he had no choice but to leave his hometown and go to Jiangsu men’s basketball team to make a living. After all, Li Nan liked Liu Zhixuan, and he thought that in the 2019 World Cup, Liu Zhixuan was a strong man in Li Nan’s hands.

Just in a new place, a stranger, Liu Zhixuan is still a bit shy. In the first show of the new season, facing Jilin Men’s Basketball Team, Liu Zhixuan played for Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team for 18 minutes and 6 seconds. As a result, he made 0 of 3 shots, including 2 of 3 points, without scoring. In the previous two preseason games, Liu Zhixuan also made 0 of 4 shots and scored 0. Thankfully, Liu Zhixuan grabbed four rebounds.

In the match against Fujian Men’s Basketball Team, Liu Zhixuan played 29 minutes and 36 seconds, and the result was 2 of 4 shots, with a hit rate of 50%. Among them, 1 of 1 3-pointers scored 6 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal, with an efficiency value of 11 and a positive and negative value of 16, which was very efficient. Unfortunately, Jiangsu men’s basketball team lost the game.

Against Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team, the runner-up in last season’s finals, Liu Zhixuan started to play for 34 minutes and 43 seconds. As a result, he made 3 of 4 shots, 1 of 1 from 3-pointers, 4 of 5 free throws, 11 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, with an efficiency value of 20, plus or minus 6.

Obviously, Liu Zhixuan is getting better and better. The Liaoning men’s basketball team abandoned the general and finally fought for breath.

It was under Liu Zhixuan’s brave play that Jiangsu men’s basketball team made great efforts in the face of its strong enemy Guangsha men’s basketball team, supplemented by a small foreign aid, Blackney, who scored the highest 42 points in the first three rounds, and defeated Wang Bo’s team unexpectedly. Of course, Guangsha men’s basketball team is full of wounded soldiers, and it’s still an all-China class. It also hurts Zhao Yanhao, and it’s understandable to lose.

According to the schedule, Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team will face Beijing Men’s Basketball Team on October 8th, which is another tough battle for Li Nan. Can Liu Zhixuan lead Jiangsu men’s basketball team and win two consecutive victories? Full of expectations.

No matter what the result is, Liu Zhixuan has proved his ability and value with actions and data. Yang Ming didn’t give him a chance, but someone did. This makes people look forward to Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team against Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team. How will Liu Zhixuan fight back?

Jordan is the incarnation of God to play ball, and Kobe is only the top player among mortals.

First of all, Kobe is the closest person to Jordan. He is hardworking and self-disciplined, and his personal physical quality is almost the same as his innate potential. Jordan’s oversized palms hold the ball just like squeezing ordinary people to squeeze grapefruit. I don’t quite agree that Kobe in 2001 can beat Jordan to lose his temper. In fact, Jordan, the wizard, played a small forward, and there wasn’t much match with Kobe, the defender. But judging from the few match performances, it was obvious that Kobe was at a disadvantage. Looking at the video carefully, the wizard Jordan played against the so-called four quarterbacks of that era, which made him helpless against McGrady. Besides, when Carter dunked, he couldn’t help it, but the other two players, Kobe Bryant, Iverson and Jordan, all had a slight advantage.

Many people like to take Kobe Bryant’s 55-point game against Wizards as an example. Because Kobe’s era is an era of pan-star show, Jordan’s era is an era of endless hegemony, one is fighting for a passionate dream, the other is fighting for the country. So one of them became a star and the other a god. Let me list their competitors (superstars) in the same period: 1. Jordan era-Celtics (Bird Bird), Pistons (Thomas, ranbir, Rodman), Knicks (Ewing), Spurs (David Robinson), Rockets (Olajuwon, drexler), Magic (O ‘Neill), Suns (Buckley), Lakers (Magic)

It can be said that Jordan climbed to the altar step by step on the heads of these superstars, among which blood shed, as you can imagine, can look for the Bulls vs. Pistons, Bulls vs. Lakers, Bulls vs. Suns and the worst Bulls vs. Jazz finals in two years. Jordan’s two consecutive championships can be said to be played with two waves of people. Kobe Bryant, on the other hand, didn’t step on the stars of the same period. Duncan, McGrady, etc. shone as well as Kobe Bryant. At the same time, he just had slightly better data. After twisting and making two pump fake, it will be hard to get up. At best, it will be spent for playing ball. At worst, it will be slow, and the number of singles is strong, but it does not represent ability.

Harden’s singles history is the first, and dribbling at the top of the circle has been a long time. Because the 3-point ability is much stronger now, the space is wide open, and the distance between teams is far from being so fast, so there are more singles with the ball. Even if the data shows that Harden is one of the most teams in the league, even more than Curry, it is caused by a breakthrough. When Jordan broke through, he leaned forward like the first 10 meters in the 100-meter race. In short, his basketball IQ suddenly dawned on him, and he always felt that Kobe was so tired. So that’s it. The biggest distance is the aesthetic feeling, the kind that is visually conveyed, unnecessary and unable to be expressed in words.

Kobe has never been ranked second in history. Who said it could be the closest to Jordan? James can, and he is ready to surpass it. Kobe has such comprehensive skills, why do he throw so many balls that are not opportunities? Kobe and Jordan, like Lu Bu and Xiang Yu, are at the peak of their times, but they are not in the same era. Actually, to put it bluntly, it’s the gap of physical talent. You’ll know if you look carefully. Jordan’s speed is faster, his bounce is better and his strength is better than Kobe’s.

But technically, I think Kobe is invincible. Jordan’s golfer is taller, his physical fitness is more abnormal, and he imitates the feeling of overexertion. Playing golf with Buckley is a tactic. No matter how amazing Jordan is, I’m sorry, I’ve only seen Kobe play! He is that god of this era! Personally, I feel that Curry Owen’s aesthetic feeling is not inferior to Kobe Jordan’s, especially the aesthetic feeling of breakthrough is far superior. Jordan is the incarnation of God to play ball, and Kobe is just the top player among mortals.

The gap between Cai Bin and Lang Ping.

First, team up

1; After Lang Ping formed a team, a large number of players were selected, and a new-oriented young team was gradually formed. The selection was not stick to any pattern. The National Youth Team, Sha Pai Team and even the junior national team did not let go as long as they were good prospects, and they discovered Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu, Lin Li and others.

Cai Bin: The selection of candidates is relatively conservative, and the younger generation has almost no chance to be selected and inspected. Mesozoic players are employed, mainly players with relatively mature skills such as Wang Yunlu, Jin Ye and Wang Weiyi, who have little room for improvement.

Obviously, one is a coach who takes a long-term view and doesn’t value temporary achievements, and wants to work long-term, while the other is a coach who values immediate achievements and works short-term.

Second, choose and employ persons

Lang Ping’s vision is unique. After playing for a year, Gong Xiangyu was selected into the national team and squeezed out the main force of the national team to meet Ceng Chunlei to participate in the Olympic Games. Yan Ni has been selected to the national team for many times, but all of them were abandoned by former head coaches Cai Bin, Wang Baoquan and Yu Juemin. After Lang Ping took over, he was directly the main auxiliary attack, and was named the best auxiliary attack in both the World Championships and the World Cup.

Cai Bin is conservative in employing people, and Jin Ye has no bright spot in making buckles and blocking defense, and still insists on taking it to the World Championships. Wang Yunlu has played well in some World Championships, but all his opponents are too weak, so he is dumb when he meets a strong team.

Third, improvise

Lang Ping’s adaptability can be described as a unique skill. He can change people or adjust the rounds at any time according to the changes on the field. When he pauses, he often points out the problem. Apart from his own remarks, all the members of the coaching staff-An Jiajie, Bao Zhuang, Lai Yawen and Wu Xiaolei-are giving suggestions on the situation on the field. This is a team. The most classic battle was the 2019 World Women’s Volleyball League Hong Kong match against Italy, where all the players played and played their roles. When Gong Xiangyu didn’t play well, all the players offered their support. Except Ceng Chunlei and Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong played the ball at the second position, and the final result was a 3: 2 victory over Italy at its peak.

Cai Bin: The Seven Fairies dominate the world, that is, changing people and changing Jin Ye’s service in a stylized way. In the case of card wheel, it is rare to change ferries at two o’clock to three o’clock. In the face of weak teams, the substitute is not warmed up. Gao Yi and WangYiZhu have become veritable bench players. The problem pointed out during the pause is also anodyne. One person is talking, and all the assistant coaches are standing and listening, and none of them is talking.

It can be seen from the above points that Cai Bin’s ability is limited, and the gap with Lang Ping is all-round. Outstanding in China, but still young in the world. I hope that after the World Championships, I can boldly employ newcomers. Don’t pay attention to the immediate victory or defeat, and recruit the younger generation for trial training. Even if it can’t be played out, it will be a promotion for the old players. I hope it will make people shine at the 2024 Olympic Games.#2022 World Women’s Volleyball Championship #?

Shine the European League! The 21-year-old women’s football international went abroad and blew up again: stealing a single-handed goal+1 goal and 1 assist.

The U17-age China women’s football team is participating in the U17 Women’s World Cup in India, which has attracted the attention of domestic fans. Now, after two rounds, they have scored three points. Because the goal difference is at least ranked at the bottom of the group, the last round against the defending champion Spanish women’s football team can only advance to the World Cup quarter-finals if they win. It’s very difficult, and we still need to fight for it.

In addition, many international players of China Women’s Football Team, who play for the European League, have welcomed their respective leagues. In the fifth round of French women’s football team, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Dijon 3-1. Li Mengwen was replaced in the first half of this game, and Yang Lina didn’t come on as a substitute. Another overseas international, Zhang Linyan, had an outstanding performance, contributing a goal and helping on behalf of Cao Meng women’s football team. Finally, the team lost the opponent 4-5.

In the 6th round of Swiss Super Women’s League, Cao Meng women’s football team played against Basel women’s football team at home. In the first 2 minutes, Cao Meng women’s football team took a 1-0 lead, then continued to score in the 6th and 15th minutes, rewriting the score to 3-1, and made a fantastic start. Unexpectedly, the defense line of Cao Meng women’s football team suddenly and quickly collapsed, losing four goals in the 17th, 19th, 55th and 69th minutes, and at one time falling behind 3-5.

In the 70th minute, Zhang Linyan, a 21-year-old talent of China women’s football team, made a stunning performance. After stealing in the frontcourt, she scored the fourth goal for the team and was finally reversed 4-5.

In addition to her single-handed goal in the second half, Zhang Linyan assisted her teammates to score the third goal in the second half. She played the whole game in the first round and contributed one goal and one aid.

This is Zhang Linyan’s first season abroad. Before that, she represented the official debut of Cao Meng women’s football team, contributing a goal and three assists to help the team beat its opponents 10-0.

This summer, Zhang Linyan joined Cao Meng Women’s Football Team on loan from Wuhan Women’s Football Team for one year. Last year, Zhang Linyan fought in the second-level league in China, and now she is one of the cores of China women’s football team. She has completed her crazy transformation, which brings good news to coach Shui Qingxia.

On October 22nd, the 2023 Women’s World Cup will be held in groups, and the group opponents of China women’s football team will be determined accordingly. As long as the overseas international players like Zhang Linyan perform better and better, China women’s football team can be fearless of any opponents.

12 points and 12 boards! Alian scored 4 points and 3 points to cover up his defeat. He accepted a new blue-collar role.

On October 15th, Beijing time, the CBA regular season continued. 4-for-5 shots, including 4-for-4 three-point shots, with 12 points, 12 rebounds and 1 steal. Overall efficiency is very high, especially on the offensive end. The continuous three-point attack was very severe, and the defensive end played the role of a protective frame. It took turns to compete with Salinger and Shen Zijie, and completed the task under the leadership of Du Feng.

For Guangdong’s 1-point defeat, in fact, we can clearly see Guangdong’s tactical system. The UAE no longer plays the role of an important terminator. All four 3-pointers are opportunities after pick-and-roll, or if the opponent doesn’t choose to follow up, he will get a shot choice.

A Lian’s solid basic skills were shown again, and Du Feng asked him to help his teammates pick-and-roll after landing.

The sacrifice is very great. According to his team’s position and choice, he didn’t need to do this kind of coolie work at all, but the United Arab League resolutely accepted and helped the team grab 12 rebounds, three of which were offensive rebounds. Instead of choosing a personal ending, he helped the team to organize the second attack.

After the serious injury of the United Arab League, the decline of athletic ability is obvious. At present, it is rarely the same as before. Break through and kill. Once the opponent can’t keep up, there are very few direct dunks, but more of them are middle-and long-range shots, taking themselves as the main rotating roles. This Guangdong Hongyuan really controls a lot of playing time and tactical positions, including Jeff, Zhao Rui and Hu Mingxuan, plus the roles of Ma Shang and Ren Junfei. Alian is in his own hands.

At the end of his career, he made the right choice, and Du Feng firmly controlled the playing time of UAE. Just like the stalemate in the fourth quarter, according to the previous usage, the United Arab League can’t fight anymore, but Du Feng still takes turns step by step to let Jeff and Ren Junfei fight and cooperate with Ellis.

Du Feng’s practices and arrangements are conducive to prolonging UAE’s career and ensuring physical fitness. He can also serve as a backboard and frame for the team. High-quality pick-and-roll is the best player in Guangdong at present.

Victoria, a 48-year-old sister-in-law, with 10cm high heels! Beckham’s company is full of gentlemanliness.

Victoria, a 48-year-old sister-in-law, with 10cm high heels! Beside Beckham, a gentleman.

Thursday, October 13th, 2022, Beijing. If you say who is the big winner in life, Beckham and his wife Victoria, it must be. They were all world-class stars in their youth. Then the two married and had children, forming a happy family of six. Now, the eldest son Brooklyn is married, and the "Beginhan Palace", which has always maintained a star status, is still the existence of the top stream.

Recently, the Beckhams took part in an activity. Born in 1975, Beckham, who is 47 years old, is still a gentleman. Suit and tie, very relaxed. On the other side, his wife, Victoria, a hottie who was born in 1974 and is now 48 years old, is still walking on 10cm high heels.

Bessie Victoria is a super fashionista. When I was young, as the lead singer of the Spice Girls Group, I once led the trend of the world music scene. At that time, hot girl was even synonymous with idol. Even in the 2012 London Olympic Games, Victoria took the lead in her debut, which still attracted much attention.

Bessie Victoria, even a very fashionable woman, is also very traditional. Since I met Beckham, Bessie had no affair at all. She devoted herself to teaching her children and gave birth to four children for Beckham. Especially at the age of 37, she gave birth to a little cutie and her daughter Xiaoqi.

At the same time, Bessie is always at the forefront in the fashion world. She especially likes high-heeled shoes, often stepping on 10cm high-heeled shoes. Even now, nearly half a century old, it is still the case. Of course, the doctor had warned her that Bessie Victoria had severe hallux valgus, but this still couldn’t stop her love for high heels, and she still hated the sky and went out of bounds.

Shanghai Shu people crossed the sea and played! Seeing this scene, and you play, he was scared to the police!

Original title: Shanghai Shuren crossed the sea and play! Seeing this scene, and you play, he was scared to the police!

Men dressed into the sea, unexpectedly the sea of ??tide! He could not move directly on the stone! What is even more dangerous is the fluent water of men! Fortunately, the rescue team arrived.

At about 13:00 on August 29, the Fire Rescue Brigade of the Pudong New Area Diaoshuihu Fire Rescue Station received an alarm and said,In the waters near Nanhuizui Park, a person crosses the sea to prevent the flood dam, and the ocean will rise rapidly because the stones trapped in the flood.After receiving the report, the fire rescue staff rushed to the scene to carry out rescue.

After arriving at the scene, I found fire rescue workersAt this time, the tide of tide is extremely rapid. Who does not understand the water because of the trapped man, in order to prevent being involved in the wavy in the sea,On -site commanders immediately assigned a group of experienced underwater rescue teams to allow personal protection measures, paddle methods, planned to be trapped in advance, soothe their emotions, and see its state.After wearing a life jacket, the two players guided the trapped men to stun the paddle board, and the left and right sides of the slurry.Essence However, since the storm, in order to ensure absolute safety, the two team members have to slow down the beach.

(It has nothing to do with the figure)

Soon, the assault ship had been transported to the beach. Immediately, another group of fire rescue workers drove the fence and quickly drove to the difficult people. After two groups of consecutive words, the fire rescue personnel transferred the trapped personnel to the impression, and it quickly transported it to the shore.

Finally, it does not need 10 minutes. The trapped person successfully rescued. It is reported that the trapped person was not injured due to timely rescue. Return to sohu, see more


[Qingming May 1st Dragon Boat Festival without price] ¥ 1098 /3 night-the tide masterpiece of Marriott!Xuhui Moxy Great Promotion: Cocktail + IKEA co -branded + INS trend fun!Let you fall in love!

Magic Duwang Red Tide Hotel Hotel

Flowers in all flowers,

It is also the "contention" of international big -name hotel groups

And the leader "Marriott Group",

Following the losing force in China last year!

——The second Moxy appeared in Xuhui!

From Paris to Switzerland to Shanghai, this "rebellious small fresh meat brand"

Jumping into a fashionable landmark in the golden sector of the magic capital.

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

Fun Family | Rose Red Whirlwind | Passionate Social | Playing Continuous

Marriott’s 24th brand in mainland China!

Pink logo+youthful attitude+creativity+thoughtful and reliable!

Next to the Museum! Located in the Xujiahui landmark business district!


Marriott’s new tide card, the second home of the magic capital!

Push the "Crystal Gate" of the fluorescent blue,

As if entering the magic world of Harry Potter.

Wearing different punk wind rabbits and graffiti walls,

Inspired by Shanghai Special -Product Great White Rabbit Toffee.

There are cool arcade, fashionable and gorgeous artworks,

The sturdy heavy machine motorcycle, warm fireplace …

The wanton soul is ignited here!


Play in the empty lobby, live in a cloud room for 21 levels

21st floor air lobby,

Against the cities at night, it is cooler and more dazzling!

More intimately creating a minimalist and comfortable room,

The Sakan’s Navia style has been used to the extreme,

15-21-floor air rooms,

The furniture is hung on the wall, a comfortable hood …

Easy to open Moxy’s wonderful journey!

Such a trendy personality hotel,

Do you need nearly 1,000 yuan to worship?

The hotel sincerely offers a new surprise price,

Package 1:

¥ 448/set of luxury room single night vacation package

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Package 3:

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, Funny family must check in!

In September 2014, the Marriott Group owned by Marriott Group

Young tide brand Moxy Hotel opened the first hotel in Milan

, Attract a large number of tide people to check in! From London to China, Moxy upholds

"Exclusive hotels tailor -made for new generation travelers"

Born from the concept, you must not miss the social, fashionable and sharp hunting family!

Moxy Hotel, Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai

Last year, the Demon Capital opened! The first store is located in the Dahong Bridge plate

Moxy Hotel, Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai

Intersection Shanghai Hongqiao, one of the important transportation hubs in China, is very convenient to take high -speed rail or aircraft.

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

The newly opened second store in the late summer cannot be underestimated!

Next to the Wan Sports Museum, located in the Xujiahui landmark business circle,

The transportation is all over, and it is separated from only one block in mainland China!

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

In this stacked modern area, fun!

Moxy’s lobby philosophy is "anti -hotel". Unlike the regular front desk, Moxy’s place to check in is the bar bar.

Every guest will be given away

"Moxy chip"

, You can use a chip at any time to redeem the daily random special

"GOT MOXY" welcome cocktail!

Magic moment at dusk,

Look at the color of the sky a little bit at the 21st floor,

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The hotel has played the design details. The entire lobby combines the bar, art district, shared office and game equipment to form a

"Playing" space



Red retro locomotive, graffiti Moxy Play on, retro movie lights,

It is prompting you everywhere, welcome to the trend world, please play happily!

Each Moxy has its own characteristics. The interior design of the Moxy Hotel in Shanghai is a punk rabbit.

#Nordic style room, Moxy’s wonderful journey!

Which hotel will hang furniture on the wall? Moxy Hotel satisfies your weightless fantasy!

Moxy room design is to highlight the sense of space and interest. All mobile furniture such as tables and chairs can be folded and hanging on the wall, making the room space more comfortable and spacious.

Deluxe king bed room

Luxury double bed room

This holiday set meal is in the Moxy luxury room. The guest room is located on the 15-21 floors.

The Sakan’s Navia style has been used to the extreme,

With a 55 -inch pure screen TV (you can also cast a mobile screen),

Self -storage mini refrigerator, electronic safe …

Facilities meet the ideals of young people!

The toilet where the wet and wet is separated, the space is reasonably distributed, and it is also equipped with a bright makeup mirror that the little fairies like. The design sense of the design sense meets the face value control.

Gym with urban landscapes, spacious, comfortable, beautiful pink comparison in dark gray space and fitness equipment. Fitness here seems to be a behavioral art.

The ironing room is intimately configured with multiple folding ironing equipment to satisfy multiple people at the same time. Maybe you can also meet new friends during the ironing time.

Moxy’s restaurant is very distinctive. The IDEA of the industrial wind mixed and warm yellow lights instantly brightened the restaurant. It’s tide and cool and delicious!

Both guests who buy a holiday package can enjoy a double breakfast package. Moxy’s unique positioning is also significant at breakfast. The meal time is from 7: 00-10: 00! I am afraid that there are very few hotels that can do it. Let Lai beds enjoy rich breakfast!

Multiple breakfast sets to choose from! Frying egg rolls, British breakfast, porridge and side dishes, chicken soup small ravioli, avocado sandwiches … Chinese and Western breakfasts are available to satisfy different flavors of stomach!

This time we launched a luxury house vacation package can be split into a single night, with high flexibility, satisfying the desire for you to go!

The specific use rules are as follows:

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

Holiday package

Foreign tourists came to Shanghai to play, and saw the beauty of "Drip Lake", distance: This lake is very beautiful

Shanghai is my country’s GDP city. The prosperity of this city has penetrated the brand. In addition to the prosperity of Shanghai, the scenery is also very attractive. There are many tourists in Shanghai and other holidays every summer. This year is no exception, it will be found in a very inclusive city.

Many people also show us the charm and prosperity of Shanghai. Many foreign tourists arrived in Shanghai, and I was surprised after seeing the beauty of "Drip Lake". Can’t help but call: This lake is so beautiful.

"Diaoshui Lake" is a very famous tourist attraction in Shanghai. This place can also be impressed by many tourists. This is a beautiful landscape created by a man. The location is very good. The location here is not bad, it is close to the city center. There are many development opportunities for transportation and prosperity. But in the drip lake in the suburbs of Shanghai, the environment here is relatively quiet. There is no hustle and bustle of the city. For tourists, such an environment is more intimate. The name of the Dishui Lake is also very large. Many tourists can play a role in dripping lakes every year.

The dripping water in Nanhui New City, Shanghai, China, this is the "National Water Resources Scenic Area" ten years ago. Although the titer of Dishui Lake is relatively biased, the transportation is convenient, less than 80 kilometers from the city center. It will be over an hour. Although it is an artificial lake, which is less natural than nature, it is also good to provide you with visual enjoyment. Overlooking the entire drip lake from the air, the lake will be found, just like an emerald disc on the ground. The Dishui Lake District is also relatively large. The radius of about 1300 meters. Standing by the drip lake, it is easy to impact with this huge lake. It can be seen that there are many efforts to build such dripping lakes.

Di Shui Lake is calm, the lake is very clear, the lake is flashing, standing on the lake, the distance from the lake connects the sky, many people will stand by the lake and take pictures. There are three islands on Dishui Lake. These islands are also very beautiful tourist attractions. Each island can bring you different travel experiences. There are many entertainment projects on the southern island. Most of these projects are related to water. Many tourists will encounter various entertainment activities when appreciating the scenery.

In addition to entertainment facilities, there are many yachts on this island. Visitors are relatively attractive. The island area in the west is not very large. Mainly providing accommodation. Going to Diaoshui Lake, the beautiful scenery can easily wander everyone. After playing tired, you can stay on the west of the island for one night. Open the window at night, breeze, and see dripping lakes at night, this is also a very wonderful experience. The northern island may be an impression of an island, and this island is very distinctive. The island is large, nearly 240,000 square meters.

There is a large entertainment park on the island. Everyone is very familiar with everyone, with various entertainment projects, such as rolling wheels, and so on. But on this island, in addition to common entertainment projects, there is also a "blue whale performance art center", which is very attractive. Here, you can see the beautiful blue whale, and you can see their wonderful performances.

In addition to these islands, there are many beautiful landscapes around Dishui Lake. Although the location of the Dishui Lake is partially, the scenery will never be omitted. There is also a China Navigation Museum. I can understand the local navigation history of the museum.


The tourist attraction of Shanghai "Master"?

Original: Liu Xiaosun Xiaosun Liu

Shanghai is located in China in China. This is one of the most developed cities in my country. This is also an important tourist city. Many tourists come to Shanghai to travel. First, you will think of famous attractions, such as Bund, Nanjing Road, and so on. But in fact, as an international metropolis, there is also a "millennium" tourist destination. Many foreigners like to play, this is "a new world."

Speaking of Shanghai’s "New World", I believe everyone will not be surprised. Whether you have a trip to Shanghai, I should have heard of the "New World". Even because of the "new world", it is too loud. Many other cities will also strive for stages, and various similar "new worlds" have appeared. Leading a wind, it can be seen from its far -reaching influence.

In fact, Shanghai’s "Xintiandi" is the previous type of "stone Turkou" building. Shita tickets are the most traditional Shanghai and the most traditional Chinese people with mixed Western culture and traditional Chinese architecture. This is a residential house in China and the West. Many "stone tickets" buildings are full of interference in the city center, which is shabby.

After that, in order to protect and fulfill these "stone doors" building groups, many architects and businessmen have begun to upgrade these "Shijumen" building groups. The most successful case should be "new world". "Xintiandi" is located in the heart of Huangpu District, Shanghai. Due to the opening of the business, they have received their attention, unique architectural characteristics and business models.

As Shanghai’s "new world" is unique in charm and style, foreigners who or lives in Shanghai are becoming more and more popular. If you come to "New World", you are here now. It will be found that the shops and restaurants here are foreigners, which can be said to be the most concentrated tourist attractions in Shanghai foreigners.

Even in Shanghai’s "New World", most merchants will use English as the main text of signature or menu. Although the environment is a traditional old building, many Chinese tourists come to Shanghai "New World". I feel like I accidentally survived foreign countries. I like it. It is also a very special travel experience.

So, have you been to Shanghai to travel? How is the impression of Shanghai? When you travel in Shanghai, you have never reached the "new world"? Do you think Shanghai’s "New World" is not a particularly large number of foreigners? If you have a chance in the future, and then you don’t want to think of Shanghai travel? Welcome to leave a message!

More exciting content, please note me: Liu Xiaocun

Seeing an interesting angle and doing most travelers’ attitudes. Read the original text

Original title: "Shanghai" most of the Western "tourist attractions, the favorite game of foreigners, signs of English everywhere."

Read the original text