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Silence broke out! Germany fights Juventus to regain its blood and refuse to fall into the abyss.

In football, victory is the best antidote.

When the referee blew the whistle for the end of the Turin derby, a rare scene appeared on the field. Instead of returning to the dressing room as usual, the Juventus players gathered in a circle, putting their hands on each other’s shoulders and encouraging each other. At this moment, the Juventus soldiers were relieved, and the haze over the team in the past week was temporarily lifted.

God helps those who help themselves.

After two consecutive defeats, allegri made adjustments to the lineup, using the long-lost 3-guard formation, and making Keane the starting striker and Vlahovic’s partner. This is an unprecedented match. Although Keane’s performance in this field is still not outstanding, the missed opportunity in the second half is a routine hot-eyed operation in the eyes of fans, but the final result of allegri’s initiative to change confirms that sentence: God helps those who help themselves.

According to the statistics of the whole game, Juventus did not have any advantage in this game. In the first half of the game, Turin obviously took the initiative. Before Vlahovic scored in the second half, they had many chances to break the door. However, the lack of Zhengyin center and the lack of finishing touch made them unable to score. Instead, Juve took advantage of a corner kick to score. It can be said that the two teams scored almost 55 goals in the tug-of-war, that is, no one scored unexpectedly, but in the end.

Of course, allegri is not the only "self-helper" who makes Juventus have an advantage in this game, but also all his players. After losing in the Champions League, the closed training made the atmosphere of Juventus solidify to the peak, and the players needed a victory to get out of the haze, and they finally exerted their subjective initiative. In this game, the Juventus players were active enough on the field, and Vlahovic took the lead, repeatedly falling into a dogfight with the opponent’s defense. And constantly use running to draw the attention of the opponents’ defenders. In addition, Labio, Kostic, Danilo, Rocatelli and cuadrado all gave great support to the team in running, which finally brought a hard-won victory for Juve.

The data won’t lie. The running distance of Youwen’s team reached 113.6km in this game, 4.6km more than that of Turin’s team. It can be said that this 4.6km is the best response of Juventus players to closed training. They have proved that they can show their blood.

If you win, everything will be fine.

Many things can’t help wondering. Imagine, if Juve still can’t win the game after closed training, then the morale of this team will drop to an unmeasurable low point. Therefore, winning is particularly important at this moment. After a hard-won victory, Juve finally got a breathing space. Next, they will face Empoli at home, and before that, the team will have a long-lost week’s rest, and the team’s body and mind will continue to recover.

At the same time, this game also brought a lot of inspiration to allegri’s lineup arrangement before the comeback of the three cores. For example, Keane seems to be able to play with Vlahovic. Vlahovic always seemed to be alone in the frontcourt before, and he often exhausted his physical strength in the first half of the game. Now, with Keane and him battling together, at least Vlahovic can be as full of firepower in the second half as this game is. When the opponent starts to lose attention, he will send a striker like milic to finish a fatal blow.

In addition, under the system of 352, Kostic seems to get more chances to cross from the side, so as to give full play to his greatest technical advantage. And under the current system of three guards, mediocre Lugani and bonucci, who have obviously declined, can be unused or less used, and the team’s defense can be stabilized.

This season, Juve started badly. Before this round, they only scored 13 points in 9 rounds. The last time the team started badly was in 2015-2016, when they only scored 12 points in 9 rounds. In the 11th round of that season, Juve defeated Turin 2-1 with cuadrado’s lore in the third minute of stoppage time, thus starting a horrible 15-game winning streak in the league and winning the Serie A title again. allegri also spent his time with Juventus.

Now, allegri has once again led the team to defeat Turin in times of crisis. This time, can he replicate the glory of six years ago and start the horror winning streak? It’s so difficult that no one believes Juve can do it, and the fact is probably impossible. But such a victory is as important to Juve as it was six years ago. At least, it enables the team to trust each other and reunite together. Such a victory, such a way of post-match celebration, is the best response to all kinds of outside gossip.

Juventus lineup:1- szczesny, 6- Danilo, 3- Bremer (51′ 19- bonucci), 12- Sandro, 11- cuadrado, 8- mckenney, 5- Locatelli, 25- Labio, 17- Kostic, 18- Keane (73′ 14- milic), 9- 9

Victoria, a 48-year-old sister-in-law, with 10cm high heels! Beckham’s company is full of gentlemanliness.

Victoria, a 48-year-old sister-in-law, with 10cm high heels! Beside Beckham, a gentleman.

Thursday, October 13th, 2022, Beijing. If you say who is the big winner in life, Beckham and his wife Victoria, it must be. They were all world-class stars in their youth. Then the two married and had children, forming a happy family of six. Now, the eldest son Brooklyn is married, and the "Beginhan Palace", which has always maintained a star status, is still the existence of the top stream.

Recently, the Beckhams took part in an activity. Born in 1975, Beckham, who is 47 years old, is still a gentleman. Suit and tie, very relaxed. On the other side, his wife, Victoria, a hottie who was born in 1974 and is now 48 years old, is still walking on 10cm high heels.

Bessie Victoria is a super fashionista. When I was young, as the lead singer of the Spice Girls Group, I once led the trend of the world music scene. At that time, hot girl was even synonymous with idol. Even in the 2012 London Olympic Games, Victoria took the lead in her debut, which still attracted much attention.

Bessie Victoria, even a very fashionable woman, is also very traditional. Since I met Beckham, Bessie had no affair at all. She devoted herself to teaching her children and gave birth to four children for Beckham. Especially at the age of 37, she gave birth to a little cutie and her daughter Xiaoqi.

At the same time, Bessie is always at the forefront in the fashion world. She especially likes high-heeled shoes, often stepping on 10cm high-heeled shoes. Even now, nearly half a century old, it is still the case. Of course, the doctor had warned her that Bessie Victoria had severe hallux valgus, but this still couldn’t stop her love for high heels, and she still hated the sky and went out of bounds.

Qin Chuangyuan Energy Jintong District Science and Technology Small and Micro Enterprise Tour Explore Information Technology Application New Scene

Qin Chuangyuan is the main platform for the innovation driving development in Shaanxi Province. It is a new highland of science and technology innovation and is the source of innovative driving development. Should shoulders to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, build a common technological research and development platform, and realize the development of school-based school enterprises, innovative talents education, and promote the depth of political research and research.

The energy Jinjiao area is closely surrounding the construction goals of Qin Chuanggen in Xixian New District, take the initiative to build the target, active as a strong, and strive to create Qin Chuanggen innovative drive platform total window central business support area. The increasingly perfect space carrier and supporting construction of the park attracted a large number of high-quality enterprises.

Present in this issue

Qin Chuangyuan Energy Jintiao District

Science and technology micro enterprise tour

Take everyone to meet four

Enterprises engaged in information technology related applications

1. Shaanxi Yisi Intelligent Measurement Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Yisi Intelligent Measurement and Control Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focused on automated measurement and control field. It is committed to automated measurement and control system, high-voltage / ultra-high-speed electronic load, high-precision sensor, visual automation detection and image recognition, simulation test platform, numerical Product R & D, production and sales in the field of biological technology; providing intelligent machinery, electricity, control, soft integrated solutions for high-end manufacturing users. At present, products have been widely used in aerospace, energy, environmental monitoring, intelligent laboratory and other industries. The company has 5 utility model patents, 1 appearance patent and 8 computer software copyrights.

2, Xi’an Spoon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Spoon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Spoon Technology has a strong R & D team that integrates the depth of each technical sector, close to the industry demand, and gradually forms the three special technical sections of GIS + Internet of Things, AI, XR.

The company is based on the geographic information platform with independent intellectual property, integrated the Internet, Beidou / 4G / 5G, artificial intelligence and other technology, information, intelligent management, intelligent management, intelligent management It provides powerful support. Relying on the contemporary new research results, in terms of project segmentation, target detection, long sequence data analysis in terms of project segmentation, target detection, long sequence data analysis, has been initially achieved, and the application is consolidated for subsequent AI industry applications. . At the same time, XR technology is applied to tourism experience, construction teaching and multi-field training, has achieved remarkable results, and innovatively integrates XR technology with unmanned flight platforms, and created a unique tourism experience.

3, Shaanxi Song Yiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Song Yiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2021, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Songyi Software Development Co., Ltd. The company is integrated into government-owned management and aerospace products through the Internet and block chains and large data technology. It is a professional, strong technical force, intelligent information service provider. Mainly provide information system integration services, large data services; network and information security software development, data processing services, artificial intelligence application software development, artificial intelligence public data platform, satellite technology integration system integration, etc.

4, Xi’an Orange Space Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Orange Space Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated to providing users with multi-scale electronic map data production, BIM, laser point cloud scanning and three-dimensional modeling, geographic information system development and application, CIM and digital twin urban application and other surveying and mapping geographic information High-tech technology enterprises in technical services. The company focuses on the field of smart urban spatial information construction, comprehensive use of multi-source geographic information technology and data, and in-depth development of panoramic holographic geographic information data applications. In smart cities, municipal facilities, underground space, accident emergency management (natural disaster and urban security, etc.), mine, cultural heritage protection, urban monitoring and architectural design, etc., provide multi-faceted three-dimensional modeling service, meeting Multi-industry multi-dimensional time and space information data needs.

Energy Jintiao will continue to surround

Qin Chuanggencino Drive Platform Total Window

Central Business Support Area Construction Target

Guide all kinds of innovation elements to aggregate to technology companies

Continuously enhance corporate technology innovation capabilities and core competitiveness

Source: Sina Shaanxi

Editor: Guo Yingxia

Eight China International Department, Peng Selected Jiaji Column | 16-year-old boy independent translation of three thousand foreign language academic papers, interest guidelines

With the current chance of technology,Artificial intelligence and Internet of ThingsThe rapid development has brought our modern life to change the earth. With these technologies, it can also swim in the world without leaving home. I will know that a large number of people who have not met the same thing. I only use my mobile phone to drive the whole house smart home appliance …In the face of the waves of the times and technology, the eight academics students dare to cross the wind.,Opportunities and challengesIn the ocean of knowledge, it is tired of practice in practice, and the student Peng Selected Jiazheng is one of them.



Independent translationThree thousand words foreign language academic papers

Just interested

For the strong interest in the Internet of Things, Peng Select Jiao Chang often understands the knowledge associated with it through the network. From the gradually mature "artificial intelligence" technology to the new era, "MetaVerse" "concept, in order to learn more international front-edge related information, Peng Selected Jiaojia often download foreign language paper online and performs independent translation. Recently, he translated an IoT communication protocol3000Hidden wordAcademic papers.

Interests guide him to explore the future

#Explore #

"Wireless communication protocol used in the Internet of Things equipment" Thread "

Translation: Peng Selected Jia

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FromTheory to practice

Step-by-stepDream’s end

Usually, in addition to actively learning theory knowledge

Peng Selected JiaApply theoretical use to practice

Step by step to explore the mystery of scientific knowledge

Exploring the principle of computer neuron network and face recognition

# Science fair #

In the Eight-China International Science Exhibition (Science Fair), he had just ended in October, he and Song Lingyi, Yu Zhi, two students, with the "computer neuron network" theme, explore computer neuron network and face recognition The principle, and use the neural network to design a small procedure and practice face recognition technology.

△ 彭 选 嘉 (一) show works in the scientific exhibition

Intelligent air detection application practice based on open cloud platform

#Practice #

In January, we found that Peng Selected Although Peng Selected Although it appeared to be a "technical house", he was actually full of love for life. Home, it is to pin up the most emotional existence,Peng Chijia always embarks to integrate Internet technology into daily home life.. With this enthusiasm, Peng Selected the idea of ??doing his own practice. He searched by online resource search and found an open Internet of Things cloud platform – Le Internet. With this platform, he saw the information shared by many of the Internet of Intranet, and raised a product idea with this information – through the construction of a particulate test system, understand how the smart device was transmitted and analyzed through the web cloud platform. You can create a smart home system through the system, to create better life, and to evoke everyone’s attention to air pollution and dangerous gas damage by hoping to monitor all kinds of parameters of gases.

Slide view screenshot More



Since six-year-old, contact the Internet

Never stop in the year

Starting point for interest

A gift from Peng Selected at the age of six

How did you touch the Internet / artificial intelligence?

# 自图 #

"When I was six years old, my parents gave me a computer that connects to the Internet. I just got around and wander around the Internet, or browsed the post, or play online games. But this time also makes it I am interested in the computer, familiar with the basic operational skills of the computer, have a certain understanding of the logic of the computer. At the same time, IDevelop independent thinking, dialectic thinking and customary search for learning materials. Later, with the growth of age, the promotion of learning skills, interested, I have gradually learned about the more deep level of computer, including computer programming, computer hardware, Internet of Things, etc. "

This gift has always guided him

Continuous exploration to the world and artificial intelligence

After the middle school

Peng Selected Multi-Partying Competition

And gain affirmation from professional reviews and multiple awards

△ 彭 选 嘉 嘉 参 参 比 比 比 比 比 比 比 比

In addition to learning existing frontier computer information technology

Future of computer technology

Peng Selected Jia, also has its own prospects and period

What is your future computer information technology?

# 自图 #

"Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, With the continuous development of hardware and software technology, it will become a highlight of the future technology. After artificial intelligence learning, the smart home system can fully understand the user’s preferences and provide the most appropriate service. Artificial intelligence and other technical agents these trivial work, humans can more focused on high-tech and creating a mental value. When the Internet of Internet management combines with urban management, smart cities can make government management more efficient and reasonable, making people’s life more convenient Although anything has two-sided, artificial intelligence and the Territory of the Internet of Things have also worrying the privacy of the city, but believes that with the upgrade of technology, people can find the best solution for these issues. "

With the emergence of intelligent vision, intelligent voice, natural language processing, knowledge map, etc., the Internet is upgraded from version 1.0, and then to mobile Internet, the whole world is looking forward to the next new Internet .

The intelligent era is coming

Beautiful last

Contributed by: Peng Selected Jia, Eight China International

Author: Wu Jingyang

Audit: Fu Ying, Zhou Zhi

Produced: Chongqing Ethical International Department

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Never released John Lennon recording sells for $58,300 at Danish auction

A cassette tape recording of an interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, including a never-released song, made while they visited Denmark in 1970 sold for 370,000 Danish crowns ($58,300) at an auction in Copenhagen on Tuesday.

The tape, featuring the unreleased song Radio Peace, was recorded on Jan. 5, 1970 by four 16-year-old Danish boys who succeeded in getting an interview with the couple for a school magazine.

Bids for the cassette tape, which was put up for sale along with photographs from the meeting by the former school boys, started at 100,000 crowns. The lot was valued between 200,000 and 300,000 crowns ($31,500-$47,000) before the auction.

It was not immediately known who bought the recording.

During the 33-minute recording, Lennon speaks about the couple’s peace campaign, his frustration with the Beatles’ image and the length of his hair.

The recording also features Lennon and Ono humming along to Christmas songs while dancing around a Christmas tree, Lennon playing the guitar and the couple singing “Give Peace a Chance” and “Radio Peace.”

The up-tempo song, which repeats the words “this is Radio Peace,” refers to a radio station of the same name that Lennon and Ono hoped to establish in Amsterdam, the auction house said.