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After Ge’s counter-attack, the golden boy stopped Mourinho in the player’s passage, and his teacher and pupil were deeply in love and threw themselves into his arms.

At the beginning, Santander’s lush youth, Real Madrid’s Golden Boy, was in a hurry. Now he is a 31-year-old veteran. He fought against Mourinho’s Rome in the fourth stadium in La Liga, and scored a wonderful long shot. After that, canales stopped Mourinho in the players’ channel, smiling and greeting, his teacher and pupil were deeply in love, and threw himself into his arms.

Lao Mu, a man of temperament, is a good coach. He is full of peaches and plums. He hugged Joaquin last time and patted canales this time. His feelings are sincere and his contacts are clear.

Canales told with tears that it was Mourinho who brought him to Real Madrid in 2010. Mu Shuai helped himself a lot, and he learned a lot from the old man.

Actually, it’s a sad story. Thirteen years ago, the talented boy who was born in Santander scored two yuan in La Liga, which immediately attracted the attention of Real Madrid. Before the end of the season, he smashed 5.5 million euros to rob people, and continued to rent to the parent team.

You know, in that Spanish team, Barcelona monopolized all the frontcourt players. For Meiling, canales represented the future hope of the matador. That season, he made 39 appearances for Santander and scored 7 goals.

With the triple crown glory, Mourinho, who parachuted into the Bernabeu, made a decision to leave a 19-year-old fresh meat. At that time, he felt that this blond sunshine boy should be able to enter the entertainment industry.

Canales plays football fast, his feet are flexible and his sense of smell in front of the door is sensitive. He is known as the combination of Guti and Raul, and he was born at the same time as King Chu Boyang of Barcelona.

In the 4-2-3-1 formation of Jose Mourinho, canales is playing at the front waist position, which is known as the pearl in the crown. It is very crucial and even more dazzling, but his competitors are Kaka and Bigeye, and this child is under too much pressure.

I believe canales’s debut, 90% of the old Mufen who moved with Mu Shuai, has seen it. The performance of that show was really dazzling. The golden left foot revitalized Real Madrid’s frontcourt and scored a goal, but it was brutally blown away by the ball card. At that time, he was hailed as the core of Real Madrid in the next ten years.

However, in the following two games, under the key care of opponents, canales, who is small and thin, disappeared. You know, this is Real Madrid, the Galaxy battleship with Ronaldo and Kaka, which is going to pull Barcelona Dream III down from the altar. How can it give you a chance to practice slowly?

So canales, wearing the No.16 white jersey, made only 15 appearances for Real Madrid that season, scoring only one goal. Most of the time, he could only sit on the bench and play with his fingers. Instead, he was a big-eyed monster, conquering La Liga and the Bernabeu.

In 2011, this talented teenager chose to rent Valencia. Everyone thought that he would shine in La Liga again, but unexpectedly, what came was the news of his fall. The injuries were like the drizzle in the south of the Yangtze River, and then he never reached his former height.

From 2011 to 2015, canales experienced three times of cruciate ligament rupture, two times of right foot and one time of left foot, and the truce lasted for nearly two years. Yes, it was hit by Crusaders once more than Zaniolo, which was so difficult and miserable.

In 2014, canales, the former golden boy, went to the Royal Society, just when he wanted to make a big impact. In December 2015, when facing his old club Real Madrid, the ill-fated golden boy tore the cruciate ligament of his left knee. This was his third time to join the army, and he only played for the Royal Society for 96 minutes in the whole season. At that time, everyone thought that his career was over.

As a result, in the 2017-2018 season, that is, the contract year, canales, who is in charge of winger and front waist, made 45 appearances in various competitions, scored 5 goals and sent 11 assists.

At the end of that season, he signed Betis, and one year later, he renewed his contract with the team again until 2023. That is to say, Mourinho will be able to get a visa-free next year, when he is 32 years old, the former Real Madrid golden boy.

In recent seasons, canales has also got rid of the trouble of injuries, playing more than 40 times every season, and at the age of 28, he was selected into Enrique’s Spanish team, occupying a place in the most competitive midfield position of the matador, fulfilling the dream of Real Madrid fans. It must be said that it is a very inspirational story.

In this season’s Europa League, Betis played Ludo Gorec in the group stage, and canales scored a goal to help Betis beat the Nordic team 3-2. The fourth round of the guest game against Rome was also a long-range shot by canales, which helped the team draw with Rome 1-1. It performed well, and the older it got, the more demon it became.

Optimistic canales also tattooed fishbone on the surgical scar of his left knee. In Spain, this symbolizes his partner and confidant.

Looking at the former Real Madrid golden boy who controlled the ball and knocked over Cristante with the No.10 jersey on his back, and was good at scoring goals from long range, my eyes got a little wet. I hope he can cooperate with Mu Shuai again and fulfill his dream.

Pay attention to me, witness the rise of the Eternal City and Mourinho’s championship!

Shine the European League! The 21-year-old women’s football international went abroad and blew up again: stealing a single-handed goal+1 goal and 1 assist.

The U17-age China women’s football team is participating in the U17 Women’s World Cup in India, which has attracted the attention of domestic fans. Now, after two rounds, they have scored three points. Because the goal difference is at least ranked at the bottom of the group, the last round against the defending champion Spanish women’s football team can only advance to the World Cup quarter-finals if they win. It’s very difficult, and we still need to fight for it.

In addition, many international players of China Women’s Football Team, who play for the European League, have welcomed their respective leagues. In the fifth round of French women’s football team, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Dijon 3-1. Li Mengwen was replaced in the first half of this game, and Yang Lina didn’t come on as a substitute. Another overseas international, Zhang Linyan, had an outstanding performance, contributing a goal and helping on behalf of Cao Meng women’s football team. Finally, the team lost the opponent 4-5.

In the 6th round of Swiss Super Women’s League, Cao Meng women’s football team played against Basel women’s football team at home. In the first 2 minutes, Cao Meng women’s football team took a 1-0 lead, then continued to score in the 6th and 15th minutes, rewriting the score to 3-1, and made a fantastic start. Unexpectedly, the defense line of Cao Meng women’s football team suddenly and quickly collapsed, losing four goals in the 17th, 19th, 55th and 69th minutes, and at one time falling behind 3-5.

In the 70th minute, Zhang Linyan, a 21-year-old talent of China women’s football team, made a stunning performance. After stealing in the frontcourt, she scored the fourth goal for the team and was finally reversed 4-5.

In addition to her single-handed goal in the second half, Zhang Linyan assisted her teammates to score the third goal in the second half. She played the whole game in the first round and contributed one goal and one aid.

This is Zhang Linyan’s first season abroad. Before that, she represented the official debut of Cao Meng women’s football team, contributing a goal and three assists to help the team beat its opponents 10-0.

This summer, Zhang Linyan joined Cao Meng Women’s Football Team on loan from Wuhan Women’s Football Team for one year. Last year, Zhang Linyan fought in the second-level league in China, and now she is one of the cores of China women’s football team. She has completed her crazy transformation, which brings good news to coach Shui Qingxia.

On October 22nd, the 2023 Women’s World Cup will be held in groups, and the group opponents of China women’s football team will be determined accordingly. As long as the overseas international players like Zhang Linyan perform better and better, China women’s football team can be fearless of any opponents.

The tourist attraction of Shanghai "Master"?

Original: Liu Xiaosun Xiaosun Liu

Shanghai is located in China in China. This is one of the most developed cities in my country. This is also an important tourist city. Many tourists come to Shanghai to travel. First, you will think of famous attractions, such as Bund, Nanjing Road, and so on. But in fact, as an international metropolis, there is also a "millennium" tourist destination. Many foreigners like to play, this is "a new world."

Speaking of Shanghai’s "New World", I believe everyone will not be surprised. Whether you have a trip to Shanghai, I should have heard of the "New World". Even because of the "new world", it is too loud. Many other cities will also strive for stages, and various similar "new worlds" have appeared. Leading a wind, it can be seen from its far -reaching influence.

In fact, Shanghai’s "Xintiandi" is the previous type of "stone Turkou" building. Shita tickets are the most traditional Shanghai and the most traditional Chinese people with mixed Western culture and traditional Chinese architecture. This is a residential house in China and the West. Many "stone tickets" buildings are full of interference in the city center, which is shabby.

After that, in order to protect and fulfill these "stone doors" building groups, many architects and businessmen have begun to upgrade these "Shijumen" building groups. The most successful case should be "new world". "Xintiandi" is located in the heart of Huangpu District, Shanghai. Due to the opening of the business, they have received their attention, unique architectural characteristics and business models.

As Shanghai’s "new world" is unique in charm and style, foreigners who or lives in Shanghai are becoming more and more popular. If you come to "New World", you are here now. It will be found that the shops and restaurants here are foreigners, which can be said to be the most concentrated tourist attractions in Shanghai foreigners.

Even in Shanghai’s "New World", most merchants will use English as the main text of signature or menu. Although the environment is a traditional old building, many Chinese tourists come to Shanghai "New World". I feel like I accidentally survived foreign countries. I like it. It is also a very special travel experience.

So, have you been to Shanghai to travel? How is the impression of Shanghai? When you travel in Shanghai, you have never reached the "new world"? Do you think Shanghai’s "New World" is not a particularly large number of foreigners? If you have a chance in the future, and then you don’t want to think of Shanghai travel? Welcome to leave a message!

More exciting content, please note me: Liu Xiaocun

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Original title: "Shanghai" most of the Western "tourist attractions, the favorite game of foreigners, signs of English everywhere."

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World’s richest man Elon Musk once slept on an office couch, worked 7 days a week

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently became the world’s richest man once more, putting Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in second place. With a net worth of $200.7 billion, according to Forbes, Musk today is one of the most recognised and influential people in the tech space, a long, long way from where the Stanford dropout was back in the 90s, when his life had its fair share of struggles.

Unknown to many, Musk’s first project was actually Zip2, a software company that developed an internet-based platform that benefited the newspaper publishing industry by designing online city guides. Founded in 1995, the company was purchased by Compaq Computer in 1999.

During the four years with the company, Musk would share a computer and code everyday at night, seven days a week to keep the website up. In a 2014 commencement speech at the University of Southern California, Musk mentioned that he would sleep on a couch in a small rented office as he couldn’t afford an apartment. He’d also shower at the YMCA. Check out the clip where he talks about his experiences below.

Musk would go on to co-found X.com in 1999, one of the first federally insured online banks. However, the board of directors would replace an “inexperienced” Musk with Intuit CEO Bill Harris by the end of the same year. Musk would eventually return as CEO the following year when X.com would merge with Silicon Valley software company Confinity Inc, which had its own money transfer service in the form of PayPal.

A few more complications later, Musk was ousted by the board again and replaced with Confinity co-founder Peter Thiel. Under Thiel, PayPal became the main focus of the company and when it was acquired by eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion, Musk received over $100 million, being the largest shareholder with 11.7 per cent.

Musk spoke about getting fired as the CEO in an interview with Max Chafkin, Senior Writer at Inc. Magazine. The interview also touches on how the PayPal-eBay deal eventually made the Tesla Roadster possible. The company’s first car, the 2008 Roadster was the first production electric sports car that Musk describes as “Faster than a Ferrari and more efficient than a Prius”. Check out the video below.