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No one is picking up retail! See how Yunna × Rosen makes waves and plays new tricks?

In 2016, it entered the public’s field of vision. In 2017, it set off an investment boom. In 2018, the industry was cold. Since then, it gradually faded out of vision and developed in a low-key way.

After several years of ups and downs, unmanned retailing, a controversial and questionable format, finally got warmer in frequent policy releases.

On the one hand, since the introduction of programmatic documents such as the outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan in 2021, the national and local governments have paid increasing attention to digital construction, which has also created a favorable development environment for the digital upgrading of physical retail.

In December, 2021, the State Council issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development", which supported the construction of new digital consumption scenes in physical consumption places, promoted the application of intelligent navigation, intelligent diversion, virtual-real interactive experience, non-contact service, etc., enhanced the scene consumption experience, and cultivated the awareness and habit of digital consumption of the whole people.

In March, 2022, the General Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government issued the Implementation Plan for Standardization Construction of Shanghai’s Digital Transformation, encouraging the development and implementation of standards such as smart retail and smart supply chain, supporting key directions such as online physical business, digitalization of life services, instant logistics and distribution, and intelligent retail terminals, and promoting the in-depth application of digital technology in business scenarios.

In April 2022, the General Office of the CPC jiangsu provincial party committee issued the Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Improving the Development Level of Jiangsu’s Digital Economy, encouraging the digital upgrading of the life service industry, promoting the effective integration and utilization of online and offline resources, and developing new formats such as experiential consumption and customized services for individual needs.

In July 2022, the General Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Digital Economy in Shanghai", encouraging the digital transformation of business, building different types of digital business districts such as comprehensive, community-based and shopping centers, and enhancing the consumption experience through big data empowerment, so as to achieve accurate marketing, refined operation and maintenance, and intelligent supervision.

on the other handThe state and local governments also bluntly stated in various reports that strengthening the layout of unmanned retailing has pointed out the direction for further innovation of the retail model while meeting the demand of consumption upgrading and boosting consumer confidence.

In July, 2021, the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce and other 11 departments issued the Guide to the Construction of a 15-hour Convenient Living Circle in the City, encouraging the development of wireless city stores (unattended convenience stores, self-service vending machines, etc.).

In July, 2022, the General Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Digital Economy in Shanghai", encouraging the innovation of community retail model, strengthening the layout of unmanned supermarkets, intelligent retail machines, online and offline integrated fresh supermarkets and other facilities, and expanding the retail "instant home" service.

In July, 2022, Shanghai issued "Several Measures to Stimulate Innovation Kinetic Energy to Lead the Fashion Trend and Accelerate the Construction of an International Consumer Center City", speeding up the development of digital economy to lead a new track, and fostering new modes and new formats such as smart retail, cross-border retail, unmanned sales and green retail.

In August 2022, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other six departments issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating Scene Innovation and Promoting High-quality Economic Development with High-level Application of Artificial Intelligence, pointing out that the consumer sector needs to actively explore emerging scenes such as unmanned container retailing, unmanned supermarkets and smart shopping guides.

Under wave after wave of policy calls, the unmanned retail market is improving again.

But different from before, behind the new unmanned retail boom, firstly, the technology has achieved iteration and innovation. AI, 5G, Internet of Things, etc. have effectively solved the problems such as inaccurate identification and inability to carry too many passenger flows, and the scheme is more perfect. Secondly, the industry has also penetrated into more cities and more scenes in the "low-key development", initially completing the market education, and gradually being known and recognized by more and more consumers. According to the data of Ai Media Consulting, unmanned retail will usher in a development dividend period in the next few years. It is estimated that the sales scale will reach 2 trillion yuan in 2025, and the consumer groups covered will reach 250 million people.

near futureShanghai Rosen also relies on the introduction of Cloud Pick A.I unmanned retail solutionforgeNon-inductive payment stores are making waves.,Successfully triggered a wave of attention in the industry, attracting majorThe media rushed to report.

No matter who is there, convenience is the first priority.

Some people may be worried, whether the self-service settlement mode that requires customers to scan commodity bar code by themselves is still adopted in this test of unmanned retailing? From someone to nobody, is it to liberate the cashier or the customer?

After experiencing Rosen’s senseless payment store, these worries will also be transformed into surprises and sighs.

Based on 3D machine vision, deep learning, multi-sensor fusion and other spatial computing technologies, the store can reconstruct the offline physical space in three dimensions, track the customers’ shopping trajectory in real time, pay attention to the goods, and identify the holding and placing posture, information and quantity of goods, etc. In other words, the AI system can know what you bought at any time without going to the self-service checkout counter for a series of complicated operations.

In this way, customers can automatically settle accounts when they brush their faces/scan their codes into the store, and go out of the store directly after selection. The whole process only takes a few seconds. For the white-collar workers in the CBD where the store is located, they can not only buy a nutritious breakfast quickly on a busy working day morning, but also take meals and drinks and leave without any pressure during the peak meal period, so that the fast-paced urban people can enjoy the convenience of daily shopping.

In a recent interview with Labor News, when asked about the experience of non-inductive payment, some customers praised it again and again: "It’s very convenient! Especially when I go to work in the morning, many traditional convenience stores are crowded. If I buy them here, I can go directly. "

Technical empowermentAgainst the background of agingUnder the labor shortage.

Recently, the National Health and Construction Committee held a hot press conference on the issue of "population aging". According to official calculations, it is estimated that the total number of elderly people aged 60 and above will exceed 300 million, accounting for more than 20% in the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and it will enter the stage of moderate aging. Around 2035, the number of elderly people aged 60 and above will exceed 400 million, accounting for more than 30% in the total population, and it will enter the stage of severe aging.

With the increasing trend of aging, the demographic dividend begins to change to the talent dividend, the labor force becomes extremely precious, and the cost keeps rising. According to the data, in 2021, the average wage of wholesale and retail employees in urban private units in China reached 58,071 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.5%. Especially for the retail industry, the younger generation are generally reluctant to work as salespersons and waiters. As a labor-intensive industry, the problem of "no one available" is becoming more and more serious.

However, these have not become problems that plague Rosen’s non-inductive payment stores. The AI system based on spatial computing technology can replace and upgrade those simple, mechanical and repetitive jobs, and make the whole value chain operate more efficiently. Therefore, even if the store saves 1-2 labors, the cashier speed can reach 3-5 times that of the traditional manual cashier, and the wrong order rate is controlled at about three thousandths.

data drivenEfficient decision-making and easy response to brain-burning tasks

In addition to the improvement of cashier efficiency brought by automatic settlement, the analysis of customer’s taking and placing, commodity sales, regional thermal analysis and marketing effect based on massive consumption data will also help the operators to make efficient and scientific decisions.

Take ordering as an example. The whole ordering process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Even the convenience store veteran who has more than ten years of operating experience thinks that this work is extremely brain-burning. In the early stage, it is necessary to scan all fields to know the sales situation of standard products at room temperature, and then order one by one for each SKU. For fresh food, it is necessary not only to observe the sales situation, but also to analyze the sales data of the past 2-3 weeks, and then guess how much each SKU will order in the next 2-3 days … Thanks to the intelligent management system of store numbers, the operator can easily complete all online.

Earlier, Zhang Jian, deputy of the National People’s Congress and director of the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, also mentioned that the epidemic has accelerated the cultivation of unmanned consumption habits. Developing unmanned retail in the future is an important measure to promote new consumption and expand domestic demand, and it is also an important means for physical retail to cope with the current rising operating costs, structural adjustment of consumer demand and rapid development of online retail. Some cities have taken unmanned retailing as an important part of urban development, actively promoting innovation and promoting the construction of smart cities. It is foreseeable that unmanned retailing will also usher in a broader development stage after this wave of warming up.

China’s own painting AI: he can paint "Chinese style" after understanding ancient Chinese prose.

"If you see the Tao and forget the mountain, the world is silent. If you see the mountain and forget the Tao, the mountain is noisy." Do you know where this ancient poem comes from? Can you understand its meaning?

This sentence is from Yue Xin Ji, a transcript of Yong Zhengdi’s reading in the Qing Dynasty. It can be understood as follows: If a person forgets the beautiful scenery of the mountain when he sees the Tao, then he has seen through the world of mortals and feels lonely even when he is in the world; If a person forgets the Tao when he sees the mountain scenery, he will feel noisy and impetuous even when he is in a quiet mountain.

For many people, ancient texts that have never appeared in such textbooks are slightly obscure.But today’s AI technology has been able to understand these sentences which are difficult for ordinary people to understand, and can also appreciate the artistic conception and draw the matching "Chinese style" paintings.

Recently, the team of Professor Wen Jirong, executive dean of Gao Xuan College of Artificial Intelligence of Renmin University of China, published the AI model named "Wen Lan", which can understand Chinese language, including ancient Chinese and ancient poetry, and turn it into paintings. This achievement was published in the top scientific journal Nature Communications.

Today, AI painting is becoming more and more popular, and the research results show the world the profound meaning of Chinese language and the charm of "Chinese style" painting.

AI painting has been popular all over the world recently. From technology giants to creative individuals, all kinds of painting AI have been launched. Although the works created by these AI technologies are flawed, the overall effect is amazing, and the paintings created by AI won the championship in the art competition, which made some artists feel dissatisfied.

But the painting AI developed by these westerners is not necessarily suitable for Chinese context. In terms of painting style, most of the works created by painting AI from the west are realistic, while Chinese painting pays more attention to "freehand brushwork". Black and white ink painting is also different from colorful western painting.

In terms of language, the meaning of English words is relatively clear, and words and referents correspond one to one. Therefore, painting AI in English context generally uses "image-text" pairs with strong semantic correlation for training. However, Chinese words are composed of a single Chinese character, and the same Chinese character may represent different meanings in different words. The "image-text" pair with strong semantic relationship is not suitable for training Chinese painting AI.

However, ancient Chinese is more difficult than modern Chinese, and it is even more difficult to develop an AI that can paint according to ancient Chinese, in addition to understanding the artistic conception behind poetry.

In view of the implicit and rich connotations of ancient Chinese and Chinese paintings, Professor Wen Jirong’s team innovatively chose to train AI with weak semantic-related "image-text" pairs, and achieved excellent results.

Specifically, they combined the self-developed multimodal pre-training model "Wenlan" with the latest image generation technology, and pre-trained 650 million Chinese "image-text" pairs with weak semantics, so that they could learn the unique and profound meaning of Chinese and connect Chinese semantics with visual information.

During the training process, they guided "Wen Lan" through iterative generation. First, they randomly initialize a "noise picture", and then after each step of program processing, the generated painting is closer to the input text, and finally the generated painting is close to the input text.

In the end, they successfully developed a painting AI that can understand ancient Chinese and be familiar with China culture, and showed this achievement to the whole world, filling the gap in the field of "Chinese Style" painting AI.

How strong is Wen Lan’s ability to understand ancient prose? Let’s have a look at its works.

The research team first entered four Chinese characters: "Nature", "Surfing", "Campus in Winter" and "faithful wife", and got the following paintings respectively. The images at the bottom are more complicated than those at the top after iteration.

There are some more colorful works, each full of fantastic colors.

They also used "Wen Lan" to draw the life of caterpillars that eventually break cocoons and become butterflies.

For ancient poetry, "Wen Lan" created such works. From left to right, they are "faithful wife", "Being born like a summer flower", "Three or two peach blossoms outside the bamboo" and "mountains cover the white sun, and oceans drain the golden river".

If you think these poems are too simple and the works of "Wen Lan" are not stunning enough, take a look at these:

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, "When you see the Tao and forget the mountain, the world is quiet, and when you see the mountain and forget the Tao, the mountain is noisy." "Wen Lan" created such a work: a tourist in a long robe stood in a mountain with one hand on his chest, gazing into the distance. It must have been the magnificent and profound scene in front of him that triggered his thinking on the philosophy of life.

Compared with the works created by other painting AI for this poem, we can see that "Wen Lan" has a profound understanding of ancient poetry and Chinese painting:

It can be seen that for the three ancient poems, there are no obvious and specific people and characters in the works of "Wen Lan", but they all rely on the scene to present the meaning of the poems, and the scenery also extends to a deeper place, more reflecting the beautiful style and far-reaching artistic conception.

I believe that western AI technology developers will not only marvel at the beauty of "Wen Lan" works, but also admire the profound cultural heritage and top-notch R&D technology of China researchers. After all, it’s not easy for western real painters to create such "freehand brushwork", let alone let AI create after reading the difficult ancient Chinese.

If the painting AI from the west has impacted the creation of modern artists, and may even make them lose their jobs, then today, with the gradual loss of Chinese painting, this kind of painting AI with "Chinese style" will help to stimulate the interest of the younger generation in Chinese painting, make the Chinese painting with a long and profound history shine again and pass it on, and shine brilliantly in the international cultural field.

The gap between Cai Bin and Lang Ping.

First, team up

1; After Lang Ping formed a team, a large number of players were selected, and a new-oriented young team was gradually formed. The selection was not stick to any pattern. The National Youth Team, Sha Pai Team and even the junior national team did not let go as long as they were good prospects, and they discovered Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu, Lin Li and others.

Cai Bin: The selection of candidates is relatively conservative, and the younger generation has almost no chance to be selected and inspected. Mesozoic players are employed, mainly players with relatively mature skills such as Wang Yunlu, Jin Ye and Wang Weiyi, who have little room for improvement.

Obviously, one is a coach who takes a long-term view and doesn’t value temporary achievements, and wants to work long-term, while the other is a coach who values immediate achievements and works short-term.

Second, choose and employ persons

Lang Ping’s vision is unique. After playing for a year, Gong Xiangyu was selected into the national team and squeezed out the main force of the national team to meet Ceng Chunlei to participate in the Olympic Games. Yan Ni has been selected to the national team for many times, but all of them were abandoned by former head coaches Cai Bin, Wang Baoquan and Yu Juemin. After Lang Ping took over, he was directly the main auxiliary attack, and was named the best auxiliary attack in both the World Championships and the World Cup.

Cai Bin is conservative in employing people, and Jin Ye has no bright spot in making buckles and blocking defense, and still insists on taking it to the World Championships. Wang Yunlu has played well in some World Championships, but all his opponents are too weak, so he is dumb when he meets a strong team.

Third, improvise

Lang Ping’s adaptability can be described as a unique skill. He can change people or adjust the rounds at any time according to the changes on the field. When he pauses, he often points out the problem. Apart from his own remarks, all the members of the coaching staff-An Jiajie, Bao Zhuang, Lai Yawen and Wu Xiaolei-are giving suggestions on the situation on the field. This is a team. The most classic battle was the 2019 World Women’s Volleyball League Hong Kong match against Italy, where all the players played and played their roles. When Gong Xiangyu didn’t play well, all the players offered their support. Except Ceng Chunlei and Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong played the ball at the second position, and the final result was a 3: 2 victory over Italy at its peak.

Cai Bin: The Seven Fairies dominate the world, that is, changing people and changing Jin Ye’s service in a stylized way. In the case of card wheel, it is rare to change ferries at two o’clock to three o’clock. In the face of weak teams, the substitute is not warmed up. Gao Yi and WangYiZhu have become veritable bench players. The problem pointed out during the pause is also anodyne. One person is talking, and all the assistant coaches are standing and listening, and none of them is talking.

It can be seen from the above points that Cai Bin’s ability is limited, and the gap with Lang Ping is all-round. Outstanding in China, but still young in the world. I hope that after the World Championships, I can boldly employ newcomers. Don’t pay attention to the immediate victory or defeat, and recruit the younger generation for trial training. Even if it can’t be played out, it will be a promotion for the old players. I hope it will make people shine at the 2024 Olympic Games.#2022 World Women’s Volleyball Championship #?

[Qingming May 1st Dragon Boat Festival without price] ¥ 1098 /3 night-the tide masterpiece of Marriott!Xuhui Moxy Great Promotion: Cocktail + IKEA co -branded + INS trend fun!Let you fall in love!

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In September 2014, the Marriott Group owned by Marriott Group

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Moxy Hotel, Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai

Last year, the Demon Capital opened! The first store is located in the Dahong Bridge plate

Moxy Hotel, Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai

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Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

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Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

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Deluxe king bed room

Luxury double bed room

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The toilet where the wet and wet is separated, the space is reasonably distributed, and it is also equipped with a bright makeup mirror that the little fairies like. The design sense of the design sense meets the face value control.

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The specific use rules are as follows:

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

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