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Get 0 points from 3 middle schools, 6 points from 4 middle schools, and 11 points from 4 middle schools. Liao Basket Abandon will finally argue.

On October 15th, Beijing time, the CBA regular season was in full swing, and the Jiangsu men’s basketball team, the master of fish sauce, got an upset. In the third round of contest, it beat Guangsha men’s basketball team 86-80 and won the second victory of the season. In this campaign, Liu Zhixuan, the Liao basket abandonment general in Jiangsu men’s basketball team, finally fought for his breath. Liu Zhixuan, a Liaoning deserter with a reputation of being a panacea, has finally proved himself, from 0 in the first show, 6 in 2 in the second world war, and 11 in 3 in 4 now.

Liu Zhixuan was the tiger balm that was abandoned by Liaoning men’s basketball team in the summer. Born in 1991, he was going to the end of his career, but he had no choice but to leave his hometown and go to Jiangsu men’s basketball team to make a living. After all, Li Nan liked Liu Zhixuan, and he thought that in the 2019 World Cup, Liu Zhixuan was a strong man in Li Nan’s hands.

Just in a new place, a stranger, Liu Zhixuan is still a bit shy. In the first show of the new season, facing Jilin Men’s Basketball Team, Liu Zhixuan played for Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team for 18 minutes and 6 seconds. As a result, he made 0 of 3 shots, including 2 of 3 points, without scoring. In the previous two preseason games, Liu Zhixuan also made 0 of 4 shots and scored 0. Thankfully, Liu Zhixuan grabbed four rebounds.

In the match against Fujian Men’s Basketball Team, Liu Zhixuan played 29 minutes and 36 seconds, and the result was 2 of 4 shots, with a hit rate of 50%. Among them, 1 of 1 3-pointers scored 6 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal, with an efficiency value of 11 and a positive and negative value of 16, which was very efficient. Unfortunately, Jiangsu men’s basketball team lost the game.

Against Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team, the runner-up in last season’s finals, Liu Zhixuan started to play for 34 minutes and 43 seconds. As a result, he made 3 of 4 shots, 1 of 1 from 3-pointers, 4 of 5 free throws, 11 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, with an efficiency value of 20, plus or minus 6.

Obviously, Liu Zhixuan is getting better and better. The Liaoning men’s basketball team abandoned the general and finally fought for breath.

It was under Liu Zhixuan’s brave play that Jiangsu men’s basketball team made great efforts in the face of its strong enemy Guangsha men’s basketball team, supplemented by a small foreign aid, Blackney, who scored the highest 42 points in the first three rounds, and defeated Wang Bo’s team unexpectedly. Of course, Guangsha men’s basketball team is full of wounded soldiers, and it’s still an all-China class. It also hurts Zhao Yanhao, and it’s understandable to lose.

According to the schedule, Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team will face Beijing Men’s Basketball Team on October 8th, which is another tough battle for Li Nan. Can Liu Zhixuan lead Jiangsu men’s basketball team and win two consecutive victories? Full of expectations.

No matter what the result is, Liu Zhixuan has proved his ability and value with actions and data. Yang Ming didn’t give him a chance, but someone did. This makes people look forward to Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team against Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team. How will Liu Zhixuan fight back?

Shanghai Shu people crossed the sea and played! Seeing this scene, and you play, he was scared to the police!

Original title: Shanghai Shuren crossed the sea and play! Seeing this scene, and you play, he was scared to the police!

Men dressed into the sea, unexpectedly the sea of ??tide! He could not move directly on the stone! What is even more dangerous is the fluent water of men! Fortunately, the rescue team arrived.

At about 13:00 on August 29, the Fire Rescue Brigade of the Pudong New Area Diaoshuihu Fire Rescue Station received an alarm and said,In the waters near Nanhuizui Park, a person crosses the sea to prevent the flood dam, and the ocean will rise rapidly because the stones trapped in the flood.After receiving the report, the fire rescue staff rushed to the scene to carry out rescue.

After arriving at the scene, I found fire rescue workersAt this time, the tide of tide is extremely rapid. Who does not understand the water because of the trapped man, in order to prevent being involved in the wavy in the sea,On -site commanders immediately assigned a group of experienced underwater rescue teams to allow personal protection measures, paddle methods, planned to be trapped in advance, soothe their emotions, and see its state.After wearing a life jacket, the two players guided the trapped men to stun the paddle board, and the left and right sides of the slurry.Essence However, since the storm, in order to ensure absolute safety, the two team members have to slow down the beach.

(It has nothing to do with the figure)

Soon, the assault ship had been transported to the beach. Immediately, another group of fire rescue workers drove the fence and quickly drove to the difficult people. After two groups of consecutive words, the fire rescue personnel transferred the trapped personnel to the impression, and it quickly transported it to the shore.

Finally, it does not need 10 minutes. The trapped person successfully rescued. It is reported that the trapped person was not injured due to timely rescue. Return to sohu, see more


Dobby new: Europe and the United States tear 5g in the fight – Huawei let China lead the world

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The latest news from Europe 5G communications is: 11 company CEOs, including German telecommunications, Vodafone and other European telecommunications companies, jointly vocal, they said: 5G construction cost is too expensive. They said: Large-scale technology companies have used a lot of traffic, which has been gains, but now the network cost is too expensive, so these scientific giant industries must pay some profit subsidies.

According to reports, after the United States, the US has begun to sell its own 5G network after the 5G technology of China Huawei. At the same time, "spectrum auction" as a shake money tree, and for this "use rights", each telecom company needs to pay 5-20 each year Billion dollar costs. However, now these telecommunications companies have begun "rebellion", requiring the US Science and Technology Giants to take part of the cost of European telecommunications networks.

Record 2018, the British Maogan announced the ban on Huawei, then Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, India, etc. Before Trump drove, Huawei’s family is not a bamboo to his 5G technology chest, thinking that Europe will not follow the United States to ban Huawei 5G technology, why? Because the world can meet the cost requirements of 5G commercial use.

Here is a technical problem, these countries can refuse Huawei equipment, but they cannot refuse Huawei patents, and to listen to the United States, give up Huawei equipment, it is necessary to pay technical patents to Huawei. Moreover, Huawei’s 5G network standard patent is basically basic and Qualcomm flat. Therefore, Europe may be taken to the ditch by the United States. But two or three years, "Report" is coming. The European large communications companies can not support the cost of distortion.

Also in 2018 to 2021, many big cities in China, as long as you have 5G mobile phones in your hand, almost no obstacles have no burden use 5G signals. Moreover, after the introduction of the first 5G mobile phone in 2019, the major mobile phone manufacturers have no longer release 4G mobile phones, no matter which level of mobile phones, medium, low, is 5G mobile phones.

What exhages China’s 5G network construction has developed? According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has built 5G base station, more than 1150,000; almost all prefecture-level urban areas, and more than 97% of county urban and 40% township areas have achieved 5G network coverage. The number of all end users is 450 million. Is this a concept? According to statistics from well-known research institutions, the current global 5G base station is only 1.65 million, which means that China’s 50% of the global 5G base station accounts for more than 80% of 5G end users.

According to the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning, by 2023, the number of 5G base stations built in China will reach more than 2.5 million, 3.6 million in 2025, and 5G user penetration rate will reach around 60%. It can be seen, a big step in two years. This is also the key to China’s intelligent terminals, smart cars, etc.

According to reports, the reception of China’s 5G network construction is the efforts of three operators and 5G suppliers, but the main hero behind is Huawei. Huawei not only masters a lot of 5G patents, but also the only supplier of "5G-to-end technology" solution. Why can Huawei provide "5G-to-end technology" solution? Because Huawei’s product line is very rich, from wireless to wired, from access, exchange, data, transfer to the server, from hardware to software, Huawei has its own product. It is unfortunate that Huawei has been blocked in the international market, and abandoned Huawei countries, and its 5G orders were divided by Ericsson and Nokina. However, now they have begun to taste expensive tastes.

British army to start driving tankers as queues for fuel continue

British soldiers will start driving tankers to replenish empty pumps, as drivers queued again for fuel after days of shortages, despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying the situation was improving.

Britain has been gripped by a rush of panic-buying for almost a week that has left pumps dry across major cities, after oil companies warned they did not have enough tanker drivers to move petrol and diesel from refineries to filling stations.

Business minister Kwasi Kwarteng said 150 soldiers had been mobilised, and would be driving tankers within a few days.

“The last few days have been difficult, we’ve seen large queues. But I think the situation is stabilising, we’re getting petrol into the forecourts. I think we’re going to see our way through this,” Kwarteng said.

Johnson has sought to quell concerns, saying supplies were returning to normal while also urging people not to panic buy.

A shortage of around 100,000 drivers has sown chaos through supply chains and raised the spectre of empty shelves and price increases at Christmas.