Silence broke out! Germany fights Juventus to regain its blood and refuse to fall into the abyss.

Silence broke out! Germany fights Juventus to regain its blood and refuse to fall into the abyss.

In football, victory is the best antidote.

When the referee blew the whistle for the end of the Turin derby, a rare scene appeared on the field. Instead of returning to the dressing room as usual, the Juventus players gathered in a circle, putting their hands on each other’s shoulders and encouraging each other. At this moment, the Juventus soldiers were relieved, and the haze over the team in the past week was temporarily lifted.

God helps those who help themselves.

After two consecutive defeats, allegri made adjustments to the lineup, using the long-lost 3-guard formation, and making Keane the starting striker and Vlahovic’s partner. This is an unprecedented match. Although Keane’s performance in this field is still not outstanding, the missed opportunity in the second half is a routine hot-eyed operation in the eyes of fans, but the final result of allegri’s initiative to change confirms that sentence: God helps those who help themselves.

According to the statistics of the whole game, Juventus did not have any advantage in this game. In the first half of the game, Turin obviously took the initiative. Before Vlahovic scored in the second half, they had many chances to break the door. However, the lack of Zhengyin center and the lack of finishing touch made them unable to score. Instead, Juve took advantage of a corner kick to score. It can be said that the two teams scored almost 55 goals in the tug-of-war, that is, no one scored unexpectedly, but in the end.

Of course, allegri is not the only "self-helper" who makes Juventus have an advantage in this game, but also all his players. After losing in the Champions League, the closed training made the atmosphere of Juventus solidify to the peak, and the players needed a victory to get out of the haze, and they finally exerted their subjective initiative. In this game, the Juventus players were active enough on the field, and Vlahovic took the lead, repeatedly falling into a dogfight with the opponent’s defense. And constantly use running to draw the attention of the opponents’ defenders. In addition, Labio, Kostic, Danilo, Rocatelli and cuadrado all gave great support to the team in running, which finally brought a hard-won victory for Juve.

The data won’t lie. The running distance of Youwen’s team reached 113.6km in this game, 4.6km more than that of Turin’s team. It can be said that this 4.6km is the best response of Juventus players to closed training. They have proved that they can show their blood.

If you win, everything will be fine.

Many things can’t help wondering. Imagine, if Juve still can’t win the game after closed training, then the morale of this team will drop to an unmeasurable low point. Therefore, winning is particularly important at this moment. After a hard-won victory, Juve finally got a breathing space. Next, they will face Empoli at home, and before that, the team will have a long-lost week’s rest, and the team’s body and mind will continue to recover.

At the same time, this game also brought a lot of inspiration to allegri’s lineup arrangement before the comeback of the three cores. For example, Keane seems to be able to play with Vlahovic. Vlahovic always seemed to be alone in the frontcourt before, and he often exhausted his physical strength in the first half of the game. Now, with Keane and him battling together, at least Vlahovic can be as full of firepower in the second half as this game is. When the opponent starts to lose attention, he will send a striker like milic to finish a fatal blow.

In addition, under the system of 352, Kostic seems to get more chances to cross from the side, so as to give full play to his greatest technical advantage. And under the current system of three guards, mediocre Lugani and bonucci, who have obviously declined, can be unused or less used, and the team’s defense can be stabilized.

This season, Juve started badly. Before this round, they only scored 13 points in 9 rounds. The last time the team started badly was in 2015-2016, when they only scored 12 points in 9 rounds. In the 11th round of that season, Juve defeated Turin 2-1 with cuadrado’s lore in the third minute of stoppage time, thus starting a horrible 15-game winning streak in the league and winning the Serie A title again. allegri also spent his time with Juventus.

Now, allegri has once again led the team to defeat Turin in times of crisis. This time, can he replicate the glory of six years ago and start the horror winning streak? It’s so difficult that no one believes Juve can do it, and the fact is probably impossible. But such a victory is as important to Juve as it was six years ago. At least, it enables the team to trust each other and reunite together. Such a victory, such a way of post-match celebration, is the best response to all kinds of outside gossip.

Juventus lineup:1- szczesny, 6- Danilo, 3- Bremer (51′ 19- bonucci), 12- Sandro, 11- cuadrado, 8- mckenney, 5- Locatelli, 25- Labio, 17- Kostic, 18- Keane (73′ 14- milic), 9- 9


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