76 people for 1 for 3 new scheme! The defense will be sent to the Rockets, and 2 insiders will rush for the championship.

76 people for 1 for 3 new scheme! The defense will be sent to the Rockets, and 2 insiders will rush for the championship.

The new NBA season is approaching, all teams are preparing, and the news of the transfer market is much less. The Sixers performed well in the preseason, winning all four games, while NBA Analysis suggested that they should continue to strengthen, and they could reach a 1-for-3 deal with the Rockets, and continue to improve the team’s lineup in order to further impact the championship.

The specific plan is: 76 people will be sent out of sable, and they will get Martin Jr., Bo Ban Sr. and 23-year round signing from the Rockets.

This is a good plan for both parties, which can just make some changes, but Philadelphia didn’t get Gordon, who had always wanted. After all, his contract was too big. If you can get Martin and Bo Ban, the inside will become deeper and more staffed.

As for sable, he was originally a player that the 76ers had been looking forward to. During the offseason, he trained hard himself, but he didn’t see much change in the preseason. Another point is that sable is no longer the main member of the team. Tucker’s joining occupies the starting position, and sable can only play as a substitute. Once the attack is still unable to find preparation, it is estimated that he will be behind House. If by that time, sable’s trading value would be lost, it would be better to get some valuable chips now.

In exchange for Martin and Bo Ban, the inside staff can be more abundant. Among them, Martin is a young striker with excellent physical fitness, which can also increase the vitality of the team. A dunk from time to time can also boost the morale of the team. Last season, Xiao Xiaoding played for the Rockets, averaging 8.8 points and 3.4 rebounds per game. He also had a good shooting percentage on the outside, and his playing style was somewhat similar to that of his father Kenyon Martin.

As for Big Bo Ban, Harris will be very happy if he joins us. Two of them are good friends and have played for 76 ers, so they are familiar with this place. I don’t expect him to contribute much, at least it can make the inside line of the 76ers deeper. Even if Embiid takes a break, there are players who can come up.


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