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After Ge’s counter-attack, the golden boy stopped Mourinho in the player’s passage, and his teacher and pupil were deeply in love and threw themselves into his arms.

At the beginning, Santander’s lush youth, Real Madrid’s Golden Boy, was in a hurry. Now he is a 31-year-old veteran. He fought against Mourinho’s Rome in the fourth stadium in La Liga, and scored a wonderful long shot. After that, canales stopped Mourinho in the players’ channel, smiling and greeting, his teacher and pupil were deeply in love, and threw himself into his arms.

Lao Mu, a man of temperament, is a good coach. He is full of peaches and plums. He hugged Joaquin last time and patted canales this time. His feelings are sincere and his contacts are clear.

Canales told with tears that it was Mourinho who brought him to Real Madrid in 2010. Mu Shuai helped himself a lot, and he learned a lot from the old man.

Actually, it’s a sad story. Thirteen years ago, the talented boy who was born in Santander scored two yuan in La Liga, which immediately attracted the attention of Real Madrid. Before the end of the season, he smashed 5.5 million euros to rob people, and continued to rent to the parent team.

You know, in that Spanish team, Barcelona monopolized all the frontcourt players. For Meiling, canales represented the future hope of the matador. That season, he made 39 appearances for Santander and scored 7 goals.

With the triple crown glory, Mourinho, who parachuted into the Bernabeu, made a decision to leave a 19-year-old fresh meat. At that time, he felt that this blond sunshine boy should be able to enter the entertainment industry.

Canales plays football fast, his feet are flexible and his sense of smell in front of the door is sensitive. He is known as the combination of Guti and Raul, and he was born at the same time as King Chu Boyang of Barcelona.

In the 4-2-3-1 formation of Jose Mourinho, canales is playing at the front waist position, which is known as the pearl in the crown. It is very crucial and even more dazzling, but his competitors are Kaka and Bigeye, and this child is under too much pressure.

I believe canales’s debut, 90% of the old Mufen who moved with Mu Shuai, has seen it. The performance of that show was really dazzling. The golden left foot revitalized Real Madrid’s frontcourt and scored a goal, but it was brutally blown away by the ball card. At that time, he was hailed as the core of Real Madrid in the next ten years.

However, in the following two games, under the key care of opponents, canales, who is small and thin, disappeared. You know, this is Real Madrid, the Galaxy battleship with Ronaldo and Kaka, which is going to pull Barcelona Dream III down from the altar. How can it give you a chance to practice slowly?

So canales, wearing the No.16 white jersey, made only 15 appearances for Real Madrid that season, scoring only one goal. Most of the time, he could only sit on the bench and play with his fingers. Instead, he was a big-eyed monster, conquering La Liga and the Bernabeu.

In 2011, this talented teenager chose to rent Valencia. Everyone thought that he would shine in La Liga again, but unexpectedly, what came was the news of his fall. The injuries were like the drizzle in the south of the Yangtze River, and then he never reached his former height.

From 2011 to 2015, canales experienced three times of cruciate ligament rupture, two times of right foot and one time of left foot, and the truce lasted for nearly two years. Yes, it was hit by Crusaders once more than Zaniolo, which was so difficult and miserable.

In 2014, canales, the former golden boy, went to the Royal Society, just when he wanted to make a big impact. In December 2015, when facing his old club Real Madrid, the ill-fated golden boy tore the cruciate ligament of his left knee. This was his third time to join the army, and he only played for the Royal Society for 96 minutes in the whole season. At that time, everyone thought that his career was over.

As a result, in the 2017-2018 season, that is, the contract year, canales, who is in charge of winger and front waist, made 45 appearances in various competitions, scored 5 goals and sent 11 assists.

At the end of that season, he signed Betis, and one year later, he renewed his contract with the team again until 2023. That is to say, Mourinho will be able to get a visa-free next year, when he is 32 years old, the former Real Madrid golden boy.

In recent seasons, canales has also got rid of the trouble of injuries, playing more than 40 times every season, and at the age of 28, he was selected into Enrique’s Spanish team, occupying a place in the most competitive midfield position of the matador, fulfilling the dream of Real Madrid fans. It must be said that it is a very inspirational story.

In this season’s Europa League, Betis played Ludo Gorec in the group stage, and canales scored a goal to help Betis beat the Nordic team 3-2. The fourth round of the guest game against Rome was also a long-range shot by canales, which helped the team draw with Rome 1-1. It performed well, and the older it got, the more demon it became.

Optimistic canales also tattooed fishbone on the surgical scar of his left knee. In Spain, this symbolizes his partner and confidant.

Looking at the former Real Madrid golden boy who controlled the ball and knocked over Cristante with the No.10 jersey on his back, and was good at scoring goals from long range, my eyes got a little wet. I hope he can cooperate with Mu Shuai again and fulfill his dream.

Pay attention to me, witness the rise of the Eternal City and Mourinho’s championship!

Heavy weight! Haiqing video brand VI new upgrade

With the development of high data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc. In 2021, China’s artificial intelligent industry has reached 203.56 billion yuan, a growth rate of 28.8%.

Science and technology development promotes the sudden rise in industry, with artificial intelligence core algorithm, energy intelligence, etc. The trend of cross-border fusion is more obvious. This important opportunity, recent, Haiqing video officially launched a new brand VI image, and the brand strategy is upgraded, starting from a new image.

In 2013, Haiqing video was formally established. Wind and rain, seven years,Haiqing video starts from-side computing product R & D manufacturer transforms for an AI algorithm + product companyTo provide customers with more accurate and efficient product services with more product forms and industrial chain advantages.

Many years of development allows Haiqing video with deep accumulation and precipitation on the brand. The new upgrade of this brand VI will become a cultural symbol on behalf of the company’s brand image, bringing users more calm, trustful feelings, and creates a more professional and commercial value for the company.

Logo rejg, concept upgrade

Haiqing video new version of LOGO design is inspired by visual and infinite symbols. It is guided, leading to the core, and highlights Haiqing video will lead the industry development and promote scientific and technological innovation.

The highly aggressive line plus simple, stable, intuitive font design, reflects the overall brand image of Haiqing video, the scientific skills and futuristic coexistence, that is, the industry attributes of Haiqing video, meaning that Haiqing video is steadily developing Innovation.

In the application, it will give the company’s logo element for refining, with blue, white for the main color adjustment in company business card, work card, handbag, and Yi Li treasure and other office environment, print publications and other materials, and strengthen Haiqing in daily The penetration and participation of life work, the diversified design style also makes the public have a more deep memory point for the sea.


Brand upgrade and break, build a vision of AI

Brand is invisible for business. Brand VI is the most direct ring of corporate image and public contact, it is necessary to continuously adjust and change according to the development of the company’s development trajectory and brand. In particular, in 2020, as the development of Haiqing video, based on 7 years of sedimentation accumulation and market situation, brand strategy is the result of the development evolution of the company.

At the same time, as an important part of the upgrade construction of Hailing video strategyTechnology exhibition hallSuccessfully closed, lasting about 3 months, covering an area of ??about 500m2. The entire exhibition hall is mainly coveredCompany introduction, strategic development, technical display area, product experience area, qualification honorIn terms of, the technology and product strength of Haiqing video is displayed in all directions.

Haiqing video

Into the Haiqing Technology Showroom, can be seen by intuitive, image, vivid digital display means and multimedia imaging methods,Applying to the industry, empowering the industrial AI face recognition series products and core algorithmsThe multi-dimensional interpretation of Haiqing brand new brand image and strength. Relying on artificial intelligence depth learning, image identification, AI data storage, etc., which has prompted Haiqing AI face recognition series to continuously update iteration, and has achieved huge success on various scenarios such as smart construction, smart community, intelligent transportation.

AI is being redefined, more and more industries open the wisdom upgrade process, the in-depth expansion of AI + application scenarios, driving the new market pattern.

Haiqing Video has been deeply cultivated in the field of Ai, and scientific and technological strength is widely recognized by the industry. The brand strategy upgrade is the reflection of Haiqing’s response to industry changes and active changes. Since January 2021, Haiqing video will gradually transition to a new brand VI system, and promote the full-time scene of AI.

British army to start driving tankers as queues for fuel continue

British soldiers will start driving tankers to replenish empty pumps, as drivers queued again for fuel after days of shortages, despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying the situation was improving.

Britain has been gripped by a rush of panic-buying for almost a week that has left pumps dry across major cities, after oil companies warned they did not have enough tanker drivers to move petrol and diesel from refineries to filling stations.

Business minister Kwasi Kwarteng said 150 soldiers had been mobilised, and would be driving tankers within a few days.

“The last few days have been difficult, we’ve seen large queues. But I think the situation is stabilising, we’re getting petrol into the forecourts. I think we’re going to see our way through this,” Kwarteng said.

Johnson has sought to quell concerns, saying supplies were returning to normal while also urging people not to panic buy.

A shortage of around 100,000 drivers has sown chaos through supply chains and raised the spectre of empty shelves and price increases at Christmas.