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Maverick Heike: Deeply cultivate the intelligent technology track for 5 years, and persist in doing "difficult and correct" things!

Baby, the world’s first housekeeper robot, reached the summit of Mount Everest.

848.86 meters

It represents the determination and height of Calf Black Family to deeply cultivate the field of artificial intelligence.

In the ever-changing mobile Internet, "black technologies" such as AI, AR/VR, robots, etc. emerge in an endless stream, among which AI (artificial intelligence) is known as the "jewel in the crown". Artificial intelligence is awakening everything and giving birth to thousands of industries’ intelligence. The integration of artificial intelligence and all walks of life will set off a new wave of industrial intelligence.

In the field of intelligent technology, the most difficult thing has always been perseverance and perseverance. This road of technology has always been a long-distance race. What is difficult is not to harvest innovative flash nodes again and again, but to persevere with perseverance. Looking back at every step taken by Mavericks Heike in the past five years, Liu Wei, founder of Mavericks Heike, said, "Deeply cultivate the artificial intelligence technology track, maintain strategic strength, stick to the heart, be consistent, adhere to long-term doctrine, and do difficult and correct things. “


Keen sense of smell, deep cultivation in the field of artificial intelligence

Since its layout in the field of artificial intelligence, Mavericks Black has been focusing on C-end large-scale household robots in the early stage, penetrating robots into various scenes to realize many intelligent services such as health management, life services, children’s education, entertainment and companionship, etc. With the empowerment of AI technology, it can connect health, family and entertainment, so that everyone can enjoy a new experience of intelligent life with "love".

In the field of life service, Mavericks Heike took the lead in launching the first generation of self-made housekeeper robot "Baby", which has 16 core systems and 62 small application functions. It can replace 9 household appliances, such as TV, computer, sweeping robot, air purifier, stereo, aromatherapy machine, learning machine, somatosensory game, projector, etc. It is a cutting-edge product that perfectly integrates artificial intelligence with home life.

In the field of hardware socialization, Mavericks Heike launched the world’s first desktop intelligent social pet robot "One C", which has powerful computing power, self-learning ability and companionship function. Voice interaction makes life more interesting, and it contains functions such as socialization and companionship, and builds exclusive online territory for users. In the field of learning and education, Mavericks Heike launched "Mind Flow Intelligence" Haiyan Education Robot, which made use of robot online and remote video education to create the first teaching mode of artificial intelligence scene robot in China.

In the field of health management, Mavericks Heike is about to launch the second generation shared health robot "Kangkang", which perfectly integrates the artificial intelligence algorithm with the background of traditional Chinese medicine big data, and adds intelligent scraping, physiotherapy, cupping, hanging needle, online Chinese medicine, face recognition, and compound hydrogen and oxygen absorption functions. It is a unique multifunctional integrated health robot on the market. Based on the sharing mode, it breaks the traditional mode of hardware sales.


Subdivision of the track, digital layout and great health.

The artificial intelligence industry is an emerging industry with high threshold and long period. It must be long-term, focus on subdividing the track, compete in differences, and persist in the end to gain results. At present, China’s population is aging, and because of the epidemic situation, people’s awareness of health is gradually strengthened. China has set medical health as a pillar strategic industry. According to the Outline of Healthy China 2030 Plan, in 2030, the scale of China’s health service industry will reach more than 16 trillion yuan. This means that health service robots have broad market prospects. At the same time, with the development of various technologies and people’s choice of daily health care, portable, miniaturized and wearable robots have become the mainstream of current development. How can intelligent robots solve the different needs of consumers by grasping the market trend accurately and meeting the needs of consumers? In this context, Mavericks Heike is moving towards refinement and entering the digital health track of artificial intelligence. In August, 2022, Maverick Heike officially launched the world’s first "portable moxibustion robot", which took the lead in breaking through the technology of constant temperature tobacco control, and perfectly integrated AI intelligent algorithm, precise acupoint display, voice wake-up prompt and other technologies. Perfect the traditional moxibustion apparatus and moxibustion box field, and create a blank of portable moxibustion robot.

Artificial empowerment of ancient Chinese medicine, every design contains ingenuity, and the product is stylish in appearance, small and portable, so that users are not limited by the scene. It completely subverts the use of traditional moxibustion instruments, and has become a necessary open-fire moxibustion instrument for many moxibustion physiotherapy halls, massage shops of traditional Chinese medicine, beauty salons, etc. She is small and simple, flexible and portable, and is an indispensable black technology product for home, travel, office and gifts. It won the market with its quality, created a good reputation, won the recognition and favor of consumers, and had a very high repurchase rate. It can basically solve a large part of sub-health problems brought by people’s life and workplace, even including the problems of the elderly, sports injuries, women’s gynecology, etc., and can also be improved.


Innovation, Competition in Difference

The formation of differences depends either on innovation, digging the moat of products, or on technology, quickly realizing product iteration, walking ahead, and forming competitiveness through innovation and efficiency.

Portable moxibustion robot is just the beginning. The road of AI’s great health exploration has no end, and the future is worth looking forward to. In the era of intelligent products, everyone is low-headed, and people’s dependence on electronic products has created a huge blue ocean market for eye care. According to the statistics of China Ophthalmology Network, the national myopia population accounts for 30% of the total population in China, and the urban myopia population accounts for 33%. The myopia rate in China ranks second in the world! Eye diseases have become the first of the three major diseases in the world.

Under this background, Mavericks Heike will inherit the essence of moxibustion culture of traditional Chinese medicine in China, integrate modern high technology, and develop a new explosive product of Heike-moxibustion eye protection robot, so that you can have an eye SPA anytime and anywhere! , beautiful appearance, convenient operation, safety, high efficiency, lasting and even heat, and stronger experience of key points. At present, the product is in the testing stage, and I believe it will be available soon.

Not only that, Mavericks Heike will launch more series of "portable intelligent robots" and upgrade the big data algorithm platform. At present, the core technologies of portable hydrogen-producing robots and portable backpack robots, Mavericks Black Technology Team, have successfully broken through. The future has come, and the era of great health and light health is waiting for you and me to go together!

The mission of science and technology is to create a better and healthier life. Honed for 5 years, every step is a brand that goes hand in hand with ingenuity. Once upon a time, now and in the future, Mavericks Heike will always be full of sincerity, precipitate ingenuity, take a "difficult and correct road", and build a new intelligent and healthy lifestyle with science and technology.

[Qingming May 1st Dragon Boat Festival without price] ¥ 1098 /3 night-the tide masterpiece of Marriott!Xuhui Moxy Great Promotion: Cocktail + IKEA co -branded + INS trend fun!Let you fall in love!

Magic Duwang Red Tide Hotel Hotel

Flowers in all flowers,

It is also the "contention" of international big -name hotel groups

And the leader "Marriott Group",

Following the losing force in China last year!

——The second Moxy appeared in Xuhui!

From Paris to Switzerland to Shanghai, this "rebellious small fresh meat brand"

Jumping into a fashionable landmark in the golden sector of the magic capital.

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

Fun Family | Rose Red Whirlwind | Passionate Social | Playing Continuous

Marriott’s 24th brand in mainland China!

Pink logo+youthful attitude+creativity+thoughtful and reliable!

Next to the Museum! Located in the Xujiahui landmark business district!


Marriott’s new tide card, the second home of the magic capital!

Push the "Crystal Gate" of the fluorescent blue,

As if entering the magic world of Harry Potter.

Wearing different punk wind rabbits and graffiti walls,

Inspired by Shanghai Special -Product Great White Rabbit Toffee.

There are cool arcade, fashionable and gorgeous artworks,

The sturdy heavy machine motorcycle, warm fireplace …

The wanton soul is ignited here!


Play in the empty lobby, live in a cloud room for 21 levels

21st floor air lobby,

Against the cities at night, it is cooler and more dazzling!

More intimately creating a minimalist and comfortable room,

The Sakan’s Navia style has been used to the extreme,

15-21-floor air rooms,

The furniture is hung on the wall, a comfortable hood …

Easy to open Moxy’s wonderful journey!

Such a trendy personality hotel,

Do you need nearly 1,000 yuan to worship?

The hotel sincerely offers a new surprise price,

Package 1:

¥ 448/set of luxury room single night vacation package

Inner containing:

[Live] Luxury Room*1 Night (Optional Optional)

【Food】 Double breakfast package*once

Package 2:

¥ 798/2 night luxury room two -night vacation package

Inner containing:

[Live] Luxury Room*2 Night (Optional Optional)

【Food】 Double Breakfast Package*2 times

Package 3:

¥ 1098/3 night luxury room three night vacation packages

Inner containing:

[Live] Luxury Room*3 Night (Optional Optional)

【Food】 Double Breakfast Package*3 times

Focus on: Qingming May 1st Dragon Boat Festival does not increase the price!


, Funny family must check in!

In September 2014, the Marriott Group owned by Marriott Group

Young tide brand Moxy Hotel opened the first hotel in Milan

, Attract a large number of tide people to check in! From London to China, Moxy upholds

"Exclusive hotels tailor -made for new generation travelers"

Born from the concept, you must not miss the social, fashionable and sharp hunting family!

Moxy Hotel, Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai

Last year, the Demon Capital opened! The first store is located in the Dahong Bridge plate

Moxy Hotel, Hongqiao Business District, Shanghai

Intersection Shanghai Hongqiao, one of the important transportation hubs in China, is very convenient to take high -speed rail or aircraft.

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

The newly opened second store in the late summer cannot be underestimated!

Next to the Wan Sports Museum, located in the Xujiahui landmark business circle,

The transportation is all over, and it is separated from only one block in mainland China!

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

In this stacked modern area, fun!

Moxy’s lobby philosophy is "anti -hotel". Unlike the regular front desk, Moxy’s place to check in is the bar bar.

Every guest will be given away

"Moxy chip"

, You can use a chip at any time to redeem the daily random special

"GOT MOXY" welcome cocktail!

Magic moment at dusk,

Look at the color of the sky a little bit at the 21st floor,

It feels so good to drink a cup.

The hotel has played the design details. The entire lobby combines the bar, art district, shared office and game equipment to form a

"Playing" space



Red retro locomotive, graffiti Moxy Play on, retro movie lights,

It is prompting you everywhere, welcome to the trend world, please play happily!

Each Moxy has its own characteristics. The interior design of the Moxy Hotel in Shanghai is a punk rabbit.

#Nordic style room, Moxy’s wonderful journey!

Which hotel will hang furniture on the wall? Moxy Hotel satisfies your weightless fantasy!

Moxy room design is to highlight the sense of space and interest. All mobile furniture such as tables and chairs can be folded and hanging on the wall, making the room space more comfortable and spacious.

Deluxe king bed room

Luxury double bed room

This holiday set meal is in the Moxy luxury room. The guest room is located on the 15-21 floors.

The Sakan’s Navia style has been used to the extreme,

With a 55 -inch pure screen TV (you can also cast a mobile screen),

Self -storage mini refrigerator, electronic safe …

Facilities meet the ideals of young people!

The toilet where the wet and wet is separated, the space is reasonably distributed, and it is also equipped with a bright makeup mirror that the little fairies like. The design sense of the design sense meets the face value control.

Gym with urban landscapes, spacious, comfortable, beautiful pink comparison in dark gray space and fitness equipment. Fitness here seems to be a behavioral art.

The ironing room is intimately configured with multiple folding ironing equipment to satisfy multiple people at the same time. Maybe you can also meet new friends during the ironing time.

Moxy’s restaurant is very distinctive. The IDEA of the industrial wind mixed and warm yellow lights instantly brightened the restaurant. It’s tide and cool and delicious!

Both guests who buy a holiday package can enjoy a double breakfast package. Moxy’s unique positioning is also significant at breakfast. The meal time is from 7: 00-10: 00! I am afraid that there are very few hotels that can do it. Let Lai beds enjoy rich breakfast!

Multiple breakfast sets to choose from! Frying egg rolls, British breakfast, porridge and side dishes, chicken soup small ravioli, avocado sandwiches … Chinese and Western breakfasts are available to satisfy different flavors of stomach!

This time we launched a luxury house vacation package can be split into a single night, with high flexibility, satisfying the desire for you to go!

The specific use rules are as follows:

Shanghai Xuhui Moxy Hotel

Holiday package